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Openly Gay Soldiers and Unit Cohesion September 14, 2006

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An excellent post on Captain’s Quarters about ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, the military policy that bars gay and lesbian soldiers from serving openly in the military.

Here is a highlight from the post:

However, everyone should agree that we now employ one of the dumbest and most hypocritical policies ever devised: “don’t ask, don’t tell”. This policy allows gays and lesbians to serve in the military — one study puts their numbers at 60,000 — as long as their orientation remains a secret. It’s an implicit acknowledgement that gays can serve effectively in the forces as long as no one else finds out their secret. Somehow exposure transforms them into undesirables, even though their nature has not changed at all.

If gays and lesbians were the cause of degraded morale and unit cohesion, then that damage would occur regardless of whether they kept quiet or not. If the Pentagon argues that the revelation causes the damage, then the problem isn’t the gays or lesbians, but the bigots in the ranks that suddenly find out about them. That sounds exactly like the problem that the Pentagon had when it considered desgregating the services after World War II, and they finally rejected the option of coddling the bigots.

Also check out my earlier post on why the discriminatory anti-gay military policy is a tremendous insult and obstacle for gay and lesbian people risking their lives for our country.


Lack of Updates June 19, 2006

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Sorry about the lack of updates over the past week. Have been in L.A. for work and no time to write.