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Warren G. Harding or George Dubbaya Bush? June 9, 2006

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Being the history loser that I am, I was reading through the book Don't Know Much About History by Kenneth C. Davis. The book gives quick summaries of important historical events in American history in a wikipedia-like fashion… it's highly recommended.

While reading about the Teapot Dome scandal, Davis writes about President Warren G. Harding and his troubled handling of domestic and foreign affairs during the early 1920s. The author seems quite critical of Harding, and the similarities between his description of Harding and my view of President Bush is rather striking. But before my dear readers begin to claim that Kenneth Davis is nothing but a Bush-basher, you must realize that I bought this book at a garage sale five years ago. The copy I hold was released in 1990, before the current Bush's reign.

Here is an excerpt from Davis' description of Warren G. Harding:

A genial, well-intentioned, "hands-off" Republican President, called lazy by some critics, delegates responsibility to subordinates and doesn't pay too much attention to what they are up to; he believes in cutting taxes for the wealthy as a means to stimulate the economy; but his administration is bedeviled by scandal when some of his Cabinet members are caught in influence-peddling and other corrupt schemes…

Harding's was a classic Republican administration. Tax cuts. Help for big business. An America-first foreign policy that rejected Wilson's League of Nations…

But his administration would also soon be dogged by what came to be called the Harding scandals. The first of these involved the siphoning of millions of dollars allocated for Vererans [sic] Administration hospitals. In another seamy episode, Harding's Attorney General Harry Daughterty was implicated in fraud…

Looking at this description, I realized the author will be able to copy and paste most of these paragraphs, make a few small word tweaks, and have the George Bush section finished for when he updates the book next. Hell… I'll even do it for him (my changes are in orange):