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Conservative Gay Angry With ‘Urban Gays’ August 23, 2006

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Bruce at GayPatriot, a conservative gay political blog, spends the majority of his time being angry with “liberal” gay and lesbian advocates and the organizations they work for. It is important for more conservative members of the LGBT communities to communicate their positions and criticisms, but a recent post shows complete disregard for facts and recent happenings in New York City.

The New York Daily News reported on an incident in the West Village in which a straight man was attacked by several lesbians after he had spit on one of their friends. The women involved said the man was sexually harassing the lesbian and that the group attacked the man after he spit on her. The man was beat with their belts and was stabbed with a steak knife.

The man claims the group of lesbians committed a hate crime and has said it was a “lesbian gang” that attacked him. He continues: “It was a hate crime against a straight man by a ton of lesbians. This is what the world is coming to.”

It fascinates me that the man has the luxury of believing the world is just coming to this. Gay men and lesbians have had to worry about walking out of gay clubs in New York City and other places since the liberation movement. Hate crimes, whether this incident was motivated by sexual orientation or not, is not a new phenomena as he seems to believe.

Investigators are still attempting to figure out whether the stabbing was self-defense or a flat-out attack. Nonetheless, it seems as if this group of women overreacted and took the incident to a level it should not have reached. If investigators find he did not provoke the attack, they should be charged.

Bruce at GayPatriot, however, has quickly characterized this event and several incidents in Provincetown (all non-violent) as a “do as I want, not as I do” intolerance on behalf of the LGBT community. Here is his thoughts on the attack from a post he titled “And You Thought Iran Was Crazy…”:

But isn’t it interesting that it is automatically a hate crime when the stab victim is accused by a lesbian? What about the reverse hate crime when the straight guy is pounced on by a pack of knife-wielding wild urban lesbians?So yet again while the urban gays whine about the world being “intolerant” to our community, I didn’t see an account of the straight guy going for his weapon in this story. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a lot of devout Christians leaving their churches brandishing weapons against gays in America.

Of course the “do as I want, not as I do” theory of tolerance by the Gay Left is becoming a pattern this year.

I’m guessing that these types of attacks will be praised and encouraged by the Human Rights Campaign as “appropriate reparations” for years of oppression.

His response to the attack is troubling and misguided. First of all, this incident comes in the wake of nearly a dozen attacks on gay and lesbian people in Chelsea and the West Village. A number of bartenders and patrons of gay bars in these areas have been robbed and beaten in the last few months. A little over a month ago, one of my friends was leaving the bar XL (where he is a waiter) and was surrounded by a group of men who proceeded to rob him and beat him. This is only a few minutes walk from where the “gang of lesbians” attacked the straight man who was harassing one of their friends. It is entirely possible that this group of women attacked the man (after he harassed and spat on their friend) out of fear from recent hate crimes in the area.

I am not sure why Bruce continues to classify us “urban gays” as somehow different from “rural gays” or “suburban gays”, but some “urban gays” here in New York City have been avoiding certain bars and clubs because of the recent increase in hate crimes against LGBT people. Most haven’t gotten to the point of carrying around steak knives, but it does not surprise me that some people feel the need to.

Bruce goes on to say “devout Christians” aren’t brandishing weapons against gays in America. That’s true, but one violent incident against a heterosexual doesn’t mean gay people are up in arms either. If one gay person is a pedophile, does he believe all gay people are pedophiles? For someone who is constantly angry about categorizing all gay people as “liberal”, it seems odd that he would categorize “urban gays” as violent or intolerant after just one incident.

Bruce also writes that “these types of attacks will be praised and encouraged” by the Human Rights Campaign as fair revenge for the oppression of gays and lesbians. Now, I am a not a fan of HRC either, but it seems as if his anger towards LGBT organizations has warped into delusion.

Lastly, don’t compare one violent crime against a heterosexual to the oppressive regime in Iran. Exaggerated comparisons can be useful, but not when you are equating one violent crime with a country that oppresses women and executes people for being gay. That’s just wrong.

Sometimes I enjoy GayPatriot… it can bring an interesting perspective to LGBT issues that are often opposed to the more traditional positions. But if GayPatriot actually wants to support the LGBT communities through conservative ideals, he needs to calm down the angry rhetoric. Anti-gay organizations spew enough anger at the LGBT community… adding to the anger will never help advance his conservative ideas for the movement.