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Aborting Gay Babies Conflicts With the Right and the Left June 28, 2006

Posted by newsfittopost in abortion, lgbt Issues.

The mainstream media and bloggers have been responding to a recent study that adds further support to the idea that sexual orientation is determined before birth. Among those considering the impact of the study is GayPatriot, who wrote a post claiming that people may abort gay babies if scientists are able to determine the origins of homosexuality. He blames this possibility on people from the “Gay Left”:

Now… and here’s the fun part… how does the Gay Left now reconcile its historic, increasingly vocal and unavowed support of “abortion-on-demand rights” as also being intertwined with “Gay Rights”?

Speaking as someone from the Gay Left would (or should if they had principles): If a mother knew there were a biological increase in her baby being born gay…why not have the right to abort that baby? Or treat the suggested “antibodies” with a pre-natal genetic therapy to “cure” the gayness before it is born?

That seems to be the only intellectually honest position the Gay Left could have. Otherwise the Gay Rights movement should become stridently Pro Life in order to stop the soon-to-be Gay Abortions-On-Demand.

Although a process for determining homosexuality is only a theoretical possibility (and a very unlikely one in the near future), women have the right to choose what to do with their own bodies. If they choose to an abort a baby because it is gay, who is the government (especially “small government” conservatives) to stop them?

That said, the potential for a dramatic move to abort gay babies is extremely unlikely. Conservatives don’t believe abortion should be available and therefore would be hypocrites to abort a gay baby. Also, conservatives are usually opposed to stem-cell research, cloning and other scientific procedures that can save lives and cure disabilities. Even if these gay baby-carrying conservatives believe homosexuality is a disorder, it is against their belief system to either abort it or “cure” it through genetic therapy. These people could abort or “cure” their baby, but it seems that they would be pissing off their God in the process (according to their beliefs).

Liberals also would be unlikely to abort a gay baby simply because of its sexual orientation. Just as most who are pro-choice oppose the practice of sex-selective abortion (aborting babies solely because of their sex), they would also be opposed to aborting babies because of pre-birth characteristics such as sexual orientation. Liberals are also much more likely to have a favorable view of gay and lesbian people, which naturally brings down the likelihood that they would end the pregnancy over sexual orientation.

In addition to this, some argue non-discrimination laws based on gender and sexual orientation already ban aborting babies because of these two characteristics. Although this has not been legally tested and there is currently no federal non-discrimination law for sexual orientation, both the legal and legislative issues could be addressed if this were to become a problem.

This hypothetical does not necessarily need to be addressed through legislation or the courts. It doesn’t even have to be debated by pro-life and pro-choice organizations. Just as very few sex-selective abortions happen in the United States, we can create an environment where few sexual orientation-related abortions would happen. Instead of dividing the LGBT movement with hypothetical, it is important to work together and push Americans towards realizing that a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender child is just as valuable as a heterosexual child. Most parents with LGBT children already know this… I am sure most would balk at the opportunity to go back and abort their child.

The LGBT movement will advance by allowing people to get to know us. If a procedure to determine an unborn child’s sexual orientation does come into existence, it will not happen for decades. There is plenty of time to change hearts and minds… time and public opinion trends are on our side. We will achieve marriage equality, end discrimination and yes, even avoid gay baby abortions, if we can show America that we are as moral and valuable as anyone else.