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Bush as Devil, No Way. Clinton as Devil, Okay. September 26, 2006

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Last week, Democrats and Republicans united in condemning Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez for referring to George Bush as the devil. It was a nice change to see both parties agreeing on an issue, albeit a trivial one, but all Americans realize referring to our leaders as Satan is inappropriate.

After a full week’s coverage of Chávez’s statements on cable news programs, a nutjob nearly on the same-level as Chávez equated another American politician with the devil. Actually, this nutjob held the devil in higher regard.

At the extreme-right Values Voters Summit last weekend, anti-gay formerly pro-segregation preacher Jerry Falwell told the audience that Christians would vote for Satan himself before voting for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Here’s his soundbite:

I certainly hope that Hillary is the candidate. She has $300 million so far. But I hope she’s the candidate. Because nothing will energize my [constituency] like Hillary Clinton. If Lucifer ran, he wouldn’t.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the fundamentalist audience erupted in applause after his statement claiming his base would support the devil over Clinton. It seems odd that the arch-nemesis of God himself, Satan, would be held in higher esteem than little old Hillary Clinton. Knowing Falwell and his followers, however, they probably can find some Bible passage to distort in support of his statement.

So why the outrage over some bum from Venezuela taking a crack at President Bush, but no outrage at an alleged “religious leader” for making nearly the same comment about a U.S. senator? Where is this “liberal media” I keep hearing about? Just remember… Jerry Falwell and his friends represent the “base” the Republicans are always trying to please through tax-cuts for the rich and banning same-sex marriage.


1. Anonymous - September 27, 2006

There is no difference between the two comments. Jerry Falwell hasn’t been criticized because news organizations fear the religious-right, even though their rhetoric is ridiculously hypocritical. This incident is a prime example.

2. CyBear - August 20, 2007

Jerry Falwell hasn’t been criticized because he is no longer relevant. As for Bill Clinton, conservatives rightly hate him and his harpy for blaming them for the Oklahoma City bombing.

3. Two Blue Stars by Rio Carrera - June 1, 2009

[…] Bush as Devil, No Way. Clinton as Devil, Okay. […]

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