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Liberals Love Adultery, Conservatives Love Incest September 23, 2006

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Kevin McCullough was frothing at the mouth as he wrote his latest WingNutDaily (thanks Pam!) article about liberals and their love for adultery. In his now routine eagerness to find an example or two and call it a pattern, McCullough claims all liberals love adultery because Bill Clinton, Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson and former N.J. Gov. Jim McGreevey are all liberal.

The most important item to note is that openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson never committed adultery, despite what McCullough claims. Robinson has been with partner Mark Andrews since 1989, but was divorced three years before after telling his wife he could not change his sexual orientation (him and his ex-wife remain close). McCullough is an ass for spreading rumors about Robinson, a man of God who not only did not commit adultery, but was honest with his ex-wife about his “homosexual inclinations” before they were even married.

When it comes to Bill Clinton and Jim McGreevey, there is little doubt that they did commit adultery. Republicans spent millions in taxpayer money to prove Clinton had, and McGreevey apologized for it while resigning from the state’s highest office. McCullough claims liberals’ love for Clinton and McGreevey proves liberals also love adultery, but his characterizations are a mixture of generalizations, distortions and flat-out lies.

Bill Clinton is indisputably loved by the left. If McCullough believes that also means the left loves adultery (an almost laughable correlation), so be it. But he also claims liberals love Jim McGreevey, pointing out his appearances on Oprah and the Today show. Apparently McCullough has not picked up a newspaper or turned on television in weeks, however, because the vast majority of liberals have been far from embracing McGreevey. Nearly all lesbian and gay organizations have refused to comment on McGreevey and traditionally “liberal” media such as The New York Times, Los Angles Times and Washington Post have reported that McGreevey has received a cold reception from both conservatives and liberals. But McCullough chooses to ignore these reports to help further a point that cannot be furthered without bold-faced lies and mischaracterizations.

So McCullough has found his one example of the left loving adultery: Bill Clinton. For the sake of fairness, we will take a look at some conservative heroes to see if we can mischaracterize conservatives as loving immoral actions. Conservative favorite and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has been married three times and divorced his second wife while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery. Then there is former Oregon Christian Coalition leader Lou Beres, who has admitted to molesting his own daughter, their friends and his sister-in-law. And several-times-divorced conservative favorite Rush Limbaugh has been charged with illegally obtaining prescription drugs in between his oh-so-common tirades against illegal drug use.

If we are to use the same standard of honesty as McCullough, it is quite fair to say conservatives love divorce, incest, molestation and illegal drug use just as much as liberals love adultery. However I do not believe conservatives love these “sins”, because as liberals know, there is no reason to hate someone just because they have made mistakes in the past (although incest and molestation are difficult to forgive). Just as liberal hero Bill Clinton has not always been on the moral high-road, many conservative heroes have fallen from the moral wagon to carry out actions that are unacceptable for most Americans (minus the divorce thing).

The intellectual dishonesty (or just dishonesty) McCullough engages in is astounding. It should be criticized by any conservative or liberal who does not want to be characterized by the actions of all people who happen to share the same ideology. It seems like common sense, but when you are dealing with idiots like Kevin McCullough, common sense always seems to be outweighed by lies and distortions.



1. Jade(d) - September 23, 2006

To add to this ridiculous list is the numerous amount of Republican senators and representatives that vow to “protect marriage” by banning gay marriage but have been divorced numerous times themselves. It’s hypocritical and it’s unfortunate they have not been called on it. Good post.

2. Mr Steven Zieba - August 17, 2008

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I don’t think adulterery is bad at all. it is enjoyable.
I know it is somehow selfish but to be happier it should be allowed to Any Australian men and they do.
I exchanged my opinion with my firends and they agreed.
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it was alwasy enjoyable to listen to my sister.
when I did adultery and my sister also gave her 13 years realtionship end. she normally like to do same thing to me. she seemed to attech me when she mimices me.
I am always excited by new love. when I see some faults on her I will ask her divorce to my wife.it will be great fun.
I learnt that from my parents. they are divorced and my father’s borther was also divorced and their children are so naughty as well.
I think we are great family.

3. Mr Steven Zieba - August 17, 2008
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