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Fair Wisconsin Ad Shows the True Struggle of Same-Sex Couples September 18, 2006

Posted by newsfittopost in lgbt Issues.

A recently released commercial from Fair Wisconsin, the state organization dedicated to defeating the anti-marriage equality amendment, shows the true struggle many same-sex couples face. Because the federal and most state governments refuse to recognize same-sex couples as loving families, they are often denied access to insurance benefits, hospital visitation rights and parental rights.

The Fair Wisconsin ad features a woman named Lynn who lost her partner Jean to cancer. As with any spouse whose partner is diagnosed with cancer, Lynn faced overwhelming grief and fear. Both Lynn and Jean worried about their daughter Katy, and whether Lynn would receive the assistance she needed if she lost her partner of over 15 years. The government might not have recognized them as a couple, but they were facing the exact same anguish and difficulties all couples cope with in this situation.

The ad is powerful. Not only did Lynn lose her partner, but she lost her partner in a country that says they were no more than acquaintances. Many same-sex couples who lose a partner to a terminal disease are forced to spend their last days worrying about legal documents and the future of a child who is often times not recognized as the son or daughter of both partners. Sometimes the surviving partner is not able to legally adopt the child, forcing prolonged legal battles that could end in losing the child completely.

There is something inherently evil about those who dedicate their lives to forever harming same-sex couples and their children. It is anti-family, anti-children and most certainly anti-Christian. Hopefully our nation will realize that denying rights to the children of couples like Lynn and Jean hurts our nation almost as much as it hurts gay and lesbian people.

Watch the Fair Wisconsin ad “Lynn”.


1. JayInOK - September 18, 2006

Such a sad but important ad. My partner died of cancer also, and although we did not have kids, it was nearly impossible to deal with. I can’t imagine adding kids to the other difficulties we faced because we were gay men. I will never understand how some people can be absolutely heartless. How can you not want the best for Lynn and her child?

2. Amanda - September 22, 2006

Oh please! Gay people shouldn’t have ANY rights. This country was founded on the principles of God’s Holy Word, which calls homosexuality an ABOMINATION.

3. The Truth Behind Anti-Gay Rhetoric « News Fit to Post - making social justice visible - September 22, 2006

[…] A comment talking about a lesbian couple who worried about their child when one partner was diagnosed with cancer: Oh please! Gay people shouldn’t have ANY rights. This country was founded on the principles of God’s Holy Word, which calls homosexuality an ABOMINATION. […]

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