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Americans for “Truth” Attacks Partners of Gay and Lesbian 9/11 Victims September 12, 2006

Posted by newsfittopost in anti-gay activists, lgbt Issues, terrorism.

Unlike Americans for “Truth”, yesterday I decided not to post a political story that would exploit, or even distract, from the victims, heroes and events of September 11th. But it is September 12th now, so here it goes…

On September 11th, Americans for “Truth” posted an article condemning the Red Cross for “advancing a larger agenda to radically redefine the family.” The article claims the Red Cross has crossed the line by providing assistance to the same-sex partners of men and women who were killed in the collapsing World Trade Center. Apparently, Americans for “Truth” believes the Red Cross should not assist the life partners of gay and lesbian people killed in the attacks. They say that when the Red Cross decided to assist these family members, they should have informed their donors of the group’s decision to “[undermine] the primacy of marriage.”

My first reaction: Do these people know what Christianity is? That aside, Americans for “Truth” has once again revealed its true vision for an anti-gay utopia. The anti-gay movement is not attempting to “help struggling homosexuals” or “stop homosexuals from destroying marriage” or “stop homosexuals from getting special rights”… they intend to either rid the world of gay and lesbian people or make gay and lesbian lives as difficult and isolated as possible. As the top of the World Trade Center hit the streets of Manhattan, was Peter LaBarbera thinking about all the heterosexuals who had died, or all the human beings who died? To deny grieving partners with the financial and medical security needed to carry on, just because they were gay and lesbian, would have been a national shame that would have haunted and angered Americans years from now. Aside from the common sense argument, Peter needs to realize the Red Cross doesn’t run on heterosexual money alone… gays and lesbians donate to the Red Cross as well.

Also in the September 11th post, which advocated denying grieving gay and lesbian partners assistance, was an oversimplified and distorted analysis of the number of gay and lesbian Americans. Here is what Americans for “Truth” had to say:

An interesting statistic is inadvertently noted in this article: 22 of the 2880 tragically killed on Sept 11, 2001, are identified as having a homosexual partner. That is 0.75% — even if that figure were doubled or tripled, it is nowhere near the 10% figure that some homosexual activists still fraudulently cite to exaggerate their numbers and clout.

Once again: it bothers the hell out of me that they use 9/11 in this way. Nonetheless, they cite that 22 of the 2,880 people killed on 9/11 “identified as having a homosexual partner.” Forgetting reality, Americans for “Truth” then concludes that only 22 gay and lesbian people were killed on 9/11, which is absurd in itself. If 22 people had same-sex partners, there were many more gay and lesbian people killed who did not have partners, and therefore are not even counted in his “analysis”. Beyond that, they make the assumption that the partner of every gay and lesbian person who died that day made it public that they had lost a same-sex partner. Americans for “Truth” should know that because of prejudice against gay and lesbian people (which they help inflame), it is likely that many people with same-sex partners did not “come out” and say so.

Even if every gay and lesbian person who died on 9/11 were counted, a fourth-grade math student would tell you not to assume that number reflects society in general. If a building collapsed in Chelsea, I bet around 75 percent of those killed would be gay or lesbian. Can I now make the conclusion that 75 percent of America is attracted to the same-sex? Similarly, if the Americans for “Truth” headquarters collapsed, can we assume that 100 percent of America has an intense and vile hatred for gays and lesbians?

As I sat a few feet away from Ground Zero last night, it was incredibly powerful to once again feel as if all Americans were unified by that tragic day. Victims were not seen as Republican or black or gay or Muslim… it didn’t matter. A life lost was a loss for all. I came home in a solemn but peaceful state, but it was quickly destroyed as I read the Americans for “Truth” article, which unapologetically states that the families of gay and lesbian 9/11 victims were not as deserving as heterosexual families. It was difficult to imagine that perhaps at the very moment I leaned against the church fence across from Ground Zero, an Americans for “Truth” staff member was claiming September 11, 2001 hurt heterosexual people more than gay people.



1. Anonymous - September 12, 2006

You are missing the larger point. The Red Cross was helping out the SPOUSES of 9/11 victims. These homosexual couples were not married, and therefore should not receive these benefits. Should they have given money to everyone who lost a girlfriend or neighbor in the attacks too?

2. Anonymous - September 12, 2006

You must be kidding – There is, most unfortunately, little shame left in this sinful nation and none in NYC about being homosexual. With all that $$$ at stake, it’s unlikely that many were “too ashamed” to claim theirs.

The AFT article does not imply that only 22 homosexuals died at the WTC. It states that if you double or triple (or more) the number whose sex partner (as opposed to a spouse) tried to claim Red Cross benefits, then you might pose a reasonable guess at how many homosexuals total tragically died that day. There’s no reason to think that the percentage of homosexuals that work/visit the WTC isn’t comparable (or, more likely, higher) than that in the general US population.

So the point is that the 10% figure is a lie – not that Christians lack compassion for the deaths of all, including homosexuals. The death of a sinner is even more heart-rending that the death of one who has demonstrated obedient faith in Jesus Christ and who has hope of peace and rest in heaven; according to the Bible, the unrepentant sinner has even greater suffering ahead, endless torment, and that, my friend, is horrible to contemplate.

And certainly no Christian would withhold financial help to provide food/water or blankets, to pay the medical bills of a WTC burn victim who happened to be homosexual – this was about something far different: The Red Cross caved to pressure from homosexual activist organizations and radically redefined their policy to include homosexual sex partners. Why not live-in heterosexual sex partners? Why not an adulterer’s mistress? What they did was not about compassion, it was about recognizing unnatural sexual relationships as socially acceptable and valid. It’s a step in the wrong direction for our nation.

3. Anonymous - September 12, 2006

Christians morn the death of all those who died in the WTC; however, individuals who happend to be involved in “same-sex” relationships with those killed, have no more right to monies donated to the Red Cross than I do.

4. newsfittopost - September 13, 2006

In response to the anonymous comments above:

You will notice that nowhere in my post did I claim 10 percent of Americans are gay or lesbian. It isn’t true. That figure comes from an early study that had flaws. It is important to note though… mainstream gay and lesbian organizations do not claim to represent 10 percent of the population… they know it isn’t true. Sure, there are still organizations such as “The Ten Percent Society”, but even they do not claim gay people make up 10 percent of America. The only groups I still hear talking about “10 percent” are anti-gay groups.

That said, if you stick to the “truth” and not random guessing, you cannot claim the number of WTC victims KNOWN TO BE GAY proves anything about the number of gay people in America. The flawed 10 percent study has more scientific credibility than that.

And here is the reality about the partners of gay people who died in the WTC: Those partners depended on eachother (emotionally, financially, etc) just as much as any heterosexual person who lost a spouse that tragic day. Whether it fits your religious beliefs or not, the partners of gay people who died lost their spouse, and deserve the same help (emotionally, financially, etc.) that heterosexual couples received. We are not talking about a same-sex couple that had been together for a few months… the Red Cross put in place stringent measures for determining whether or not a same-sex partner qualified for assistance.

As for anonymous #3… no, you do not deserve assistance in the same way those same-sex partners did. You do, however, emphasize my point on a lack of compassion for the family members of those who died. I am sure some of the gay people who died that day had children who depended on them. The Red Cross was not only helping the partner, it was helping the children who lost a father or mother. Do you deserve the money more than the children?

As for burning in hell because they are gay: That is your religious belief, but not the belief of millions of Christian Americans (gay or straight). What drives me crazy about fundamentalists is that you apply your fundamentalism randomly. The Bible explicitly condones slavery, killing people as punishment for adultery and so many other things that are appalling to almost every human being. How can you be sure the Bible “didn’t mean” these things, but does “mean” gay people are bad? If you carry out the Bible word for word, than do so… don’t just pick and choose which passages are “the absolute word of God”.

Nonetheless, what’s done is done. Let the people who lost loved ones mourn without condeming them for who they are. Don’t try to use them, or 9/11, as a political weapon. Let them rest in peace.

5. Sammy - September 13, 2006

Comments 1 – 4: How dare you act as if same-sex partners somehow are less than heterosexual partners. Just because your f-ed [EDITED by NewsFitToPost] religious beliefs do not match with other people’s religious beliefs does not mean gays are less human.

And what do you think about Gene Robinson, the openly gay Episcopal bishop… do you really think a man so devoted to God is going to hell? Even if you believe gays are sinners, do you really think God would send all gay people to hell for one sin? We are all sinners. How about the Christian Coalition leader who molested his own family members… is he going to heaven even though he sinned? I am sure you would say that he is, but somehow a gay sin is beyond redemption?

You guys are nutbags. Use your money and resources to help the poor and feed the homeless… don’t spend it on attacking gay people.

6. Anonymous - September 13, 2006

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Everyone who dies in their sins – whether the sin is mistreatment of slaves, adultery, homosexuality, murder, cheating on taxes, malicious gossip, or failure to do good or calling what is evil “good” – will be condemned. There is no special punishment for homosexuals, just the same punishment that all who fail to revere God will suffer.

Those who acknowledge their sin as the affront it is to a Holy and Righteous God, those who repent and obediently believe in Jesus Christ, those who are transformed by His power, will be saved from Hell by the grace of God and not through their own human merit.

Believe it now, or believe it when it is too late, my friend.

7. Anonymous - September 13, 2006

To #5 Sammy: Gene Robinson is not devoted to God. If he were, he would have sacrificed his selfish desires and remained faithful to the marriage vow he made to his wife. He would not have committed adultery and he would not have participated in homosexual sex. And most of all, he would not lie to others saying that adultery and homosexual sex are acceptable to God when God Himself has spoken to the contrary. He is not only bound for Hell, he is intent on taking others with him. I pray that he will repent before it is eternally too late.

( Jesus said many would say, “Lord, Lord,” but He knows His own – and Jesus said that you can recognize them also by their fruits. Clearly molesting one’s daughter – or shooting one’s husband, etc. – would demonstrate evil and not righteousness. Unless that one repents, he will share the fate of Mr Robinson.)

Finally, homosexuals are not engaging in just one sin. When a man lives in a sin like homosexuality, he is not only sexually sinning, he is often lying to himself and others about what is right/wrong, he is sinning against the persons with whom he has sex and causing them to sin, he is sinning against those he misleads with his example, etc. He is sinning by not worshipping with God’s people, and he is sinning “worse” if he does partake of communion while in an unrepentant state. I could go on, but that makes the point. (The same is true of being promiscuous before marriage, committing adultery, etc.)

But let’s pretend that a person can be guilty of “just one sin.” Even one sin separates a man from God – unless and until he is convicted in conscience, sorrowfully repents, and comes to obedient faith in Jesus Christ.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father except by Me.” – the words of Jesus Christ

8. Anonymous - September 13, 2006

Sammy – What makes you think that those who speak truth to/about homosexuals are (A)”attacking gay people” or (B) not helping the poor/homeless?

(A) A real friend is the one who cares enough to tell you the truth and to warn you.
(B) You are making a very serious accusation without basis.

9. Caitlin - December 12, 2006

If you are so righteous and devoted to god why then “Anonymous” won’t you put a name on your posts???? If you are the advocate of God that you seem to be presenting yourself as then why hide behind obscurity? You completely ignored the newsfittopost’s comment that if you are going to spout out about what is morally right and wrong by the bible’s standpoint, you cannot pick and choose! If you want to condem millions of men and women for behaving AS GOD CREATED THEM because of ONE LINE in Leviticus then you better be following EVERY SINGLE LAW that surrounds that one line. I bet you don’t though. I bet you’ve sat on a chair that a menstrating women has sat on. I bet that you’ve TOUCHED a menstrating woman. your cotton blend shirt? There’s a sin! The bible tells us that slavery is ok, but you say it’s wrong, what makes you the judge? You avoid the difficult questions and attack Sammy, who posted out of pure emotion and frustration at you IDIOTS. Bravo Sammy. You “Anonymous” posters, suck it up, try going out in the real world. Go to a gay bar,TALK to members of the gay community. Maybe if you left your little protective Fundamentalist bubble you’d learn something about homosexuality and humans in general.

10. miles - January 15, 2007

You choose you the tenets of your faith, that said:

“Research by US psychologist Prof. Adams of the University of Georgia suggests that 80 percent of men who are homophobic have secret homosexual feelings.
In Prof. Adams’s test, homophobic men who said they were exclusively heterosexual were shown gay sex videos. Four out of five became sexually aroused by the homoerotic imagery, as recorded by a penile circumference measuring device (a plethysmograph).

Prof. Adams’s research was published in the prestigious US Journal of Abnormal Psychology in
1996, with the backing of the American Psychological Association.

Prof. Adams says his research shows that most homophobes “demonstrate significant sexual arousal to homosexual erotic stimuli”, suggesting that homophobia is a form of “latent homosexuality where persons are either unaware of or deny their homosexual urges”.

These findings support the theories that homophobia (fear and hatred of gayness and support for antigay discrimination) is often indicative of repressed, self-loathing homosexual feelings; and that many homophobes subconsciously use anti-gay attitudes as a smokescreen to disguise their own homosexuality.”

11. df168ec3fd1a8dbf9af4dd77cc6f6523 - July 6, 2007



12. Lorraine Stephens-Gwanuzra - July 29, 2007

some of you people are out of your warped little minds. I don’t care to be anonymous, here is my name, my e-mail address and if you nut bags weren’t so nutty I’d give out my phone number. I don’t care because I’m speaking up for Christ. HOMOSEXUALITY is wrong and if me saying that offends you so what. Homosexuals are bullies and they not only want the same rights as average citizens, but they somehow want to be treated better as if their sin entitles them to special treatment. And for the record, I believe homosexuality is a sin. There is more than one verse stating this in the Bible, but for those who are not Christian you wouldn’t know this because you don’t read it. From Genesis to Revelation it’s written all over the word that GOD absolutely despises homosexual behavior. He destroyed an entire city because of it. I feel sad for you all who don’t confess your sins and ask for forgiveness because this life is so short and thereafter is the judgement. The RED CROSS should not have given out benefits to the partners of gay victims during 9-11 because they were intended for the spouses, not the live in lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, booty calls, bestfriends, baby sitters, ect. Don’t you see how ridiculous this is. They (homosexuals) want special priviledges not afforded to others. This is outrageous and I dare someone e-mail me and say otherwise.

13. fat boy - August 15, 2007

fat boy


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