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Karl Rove’s Gay Daddy September 7, 2006

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According to the book The Architect: Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Absolute Power, White House political strategist Karl Rove had a gay stepfather who he was close with up until his death in July of 2004.

That news alone is not surprising – most Americans have gay or lesbian family members – but it is particularly revealing considering Rove was the “mastermind” behind using gay and lesbian lives for political gain. Karl Rove encouraged anti-gay conservatives to propose anti-marriage equality ballot initiatives in an attempt to bring out socially conservative voters in the 2004 election. He used and exploited the lives of millions of Americans, including his stepfather, so that George Bush could return to the White House.

The book says Rove was a “loving and attentive son who periodically visited his stepfather in Palm Springs, often having dinner with Louis and his friends, including other retired gay men in the community.”

It seems as if Rove, like Dick Cheney, allowed Republicans to exploit and demonize gay and lesbian family members in an attempt to distract voters from real issues. Although Dick Cheney quietly spoke against the Federal Marriage Amendment, most sources believe he did nothing to change George Bush’s support of the anti-gay legislation.

Republicans have attempted to make the term “family values” synonymous with their party. Especially since neither Rove nor Cheney appear to have disliked their gay family members, it seems outrageous (and dare I say “anti-family values”), to betray these relatives. Karl Rove has actively targeted the gay and lesbian community over the past few years, and Cheney has refused to explain why a ban on same-sex marriage hurts real families. I wouldn’t expect them to abandon the party in protest, but defending their family members on one issue does not seem to be asking too much.

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1. Anonymous - September 7, 2006

Just because he doesn’t hate gays doesn’t mean he has to support their agenda. You can hate the sin (and gay marriage) without hating the sinner.

2. Aidan Alterman - September 7, 2006

Dear Anonymous:

The reason you remain anonymous is because your comment is stupid and misses the entire point. Karl Rove USED gay and lesbian people not because he cared about whether same-sex marriage was legal, but because he wanted to win an election. He disregarded his family members (and perhaps his own belief on marriage) and made them into villians and scapegoats.

Karl Rove is not a man of principle, he is a man that will lie and cheat to win.

3. Mark, Philadelphia - September 13, 2006

Dear Anonymous:

It is sad that you are mislead by the vast right winged agenda and the Rove Machine. Karl Rove and company masterminded this last presidential election, and yet your statement could not be any further from reality. Why do you think that so many states put the marriage amendment on the ballot in the last election, and why do you think that the christian base rallied around the Bush Adminstration, because of Karl Rove and Company. Rove will do anything to anyone to advance the Republican agenda, and does not care who it affects or the the lives of those affected.

Why are we just hearing this now? Funny, b/c maybe Dick Cheney is not making a bid for Presidency in 2008, and he has a gay daughter, what are the odd’s?

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