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Schwarzenegger Called “Evil” for Signing Bill Banning State-Funded Bigotry August 29, 2006

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is being assailed by anti-gay groups for signing into law a bill that bans state-funded discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. The bill, which is purposely distorted by “pro-family” organizations, simply adds sexual orientation to a list of other minority groups that cannot be discriminated against or condemned in state-funded schools or extracurricular activities. It does not promote gay and lesbian people, as the right likes to claim, but ensures that public school teachers cannot tell their classrooms that gay and lesbian people are immoral and will end up in hell. It seems almost common sense, but Schwarzenegger is taking some heat from anti-gay activists.

Here is what Randy Thomasson of Campaign for Children and Families has to say:

People of conscience are appalled that Arnold Schwarzenegger has trampled religious freedom to satisfy hyperactive sexual activists… Arnold Schwarzenegger has two faces. He speaks at churches and says he believes in religious freedom and family values, yet he’s stabbing pro-family Californians in the back. People of faith are suffering under Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s not the lesser of two evils, he’s doing evil.

Since when has opposing discrimination been considered “evil”? Since when has Christianity been about making insecure school-aged children listen to anti-gay bullshit? These groups use grandiose terms like “religious freedom” and “family values”, but it is only a disguise for what they are truly saying: We believe the public school system should condemn gay and lesbian students and the lives they lead. We want them to be frightened and humiliated in a public school setting until they are forced back into the closet and emotionally damaged. You are either Christian, gay or neither… there is no overlap.

It is absurd for an organization like Campaign for [Straight] Children and [Heterosexual] Families to claim they are standing up for all children. Banning state-funded humiliation in the classroom should be a universal goal for any group that truly cares about our youth, but apparently gay and lesbian youth aren’t deemed valuable enough for anti-gay groups. They are more concerned with fulfilling an anti-equal rights political agenda than providing a safe environment for children to learn.

For those who have read what anti-gay groups are saying about the California education bill, I encourage you to read the legislation itself. Ignore what the anti-gay right is saying… even ignore what I am saying… read it for yourself and you will understand to what degree anti-gay groups have distorted the real impact of this bill. Here is the heart of the bill:

No person in the State of California shall, on the basis of race, national origin, ethnic group identification, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, color, or disability, be unlawfully denied full and equal access to the benefits of, or be unlawfully subjected to discrimination under, any program or activity that is conducted, operated, or administered by the state or by any state agency, is funded directly by the state, or receives any financial assistance from the state.

Banning tax dollars from funding discrimination… apparently anti-gay groups find it to be “evil”.



1. rey51 - August 30, 2006

What was he thinking anyway? Besides, I thought he really was into religious thing. Having implied such a behavior is purely a turn off. Too bad, he used to be my dad’s favorite actor.

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