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Fundamentalist Hypocrisy: Literalism for You, Not Me August 29, 2006

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In a wonderful column in the Miami Herald, Leonard Pitts Jr. criticizes fundamentalists who use the literal meaning of Bible verses to condemn gay people but then ignore the literal meaning of other passages that condemn their actions. The double-standard is glaring, and Leonard Pitts’ column is a more eloquent version of my earlier post on right-wing Christian hypocrisy. I encourage you to read the entire column, but here are some highlights:

…it illustrates a point I’ve made on many occasions when people bring out Bibles to explain why gay folk deserve no civil rights. Maybe now, without the reflexive emotionalism that gay brings to cloud their view, a few more people will see the obvious: Bible literalism is impractical and impossible…

…has no one else noticed how literally some Christians interpret those Scriptures that give them license to condemn, yet how elastic and liberal their readings are when dealing with Scriptures that convict their personal behaviors? Meaning that it’s always a little more difficult to catch people being literal about turn the other cheek, do not store up treasures on earth, do not turn away the borrower, love your enemy.

Yet, you can’t go to the store without tripping over someone who wants you to know the Bible calls homosexuality an abomination.


1. Anonymous - August 30, 2006

Great column! So many people have used the Bible as justification to do horrible things and now we see it again. Should we really stone someone to death if they touch pigskin?

2. blu80 - September 1, 2006

You have one informative and very moving blog! And I detest the fact that a few people undoubtedly use the bible for justification of their beings or acts. I am a Catholic and I just find this intolerable. Bible is a holy book, it should be respected and not mocked!

3. some gomer - September 16, 2006

I’m a pretty orthodox Christian but I’m just as disgusted people who try to make the Bible a vehicle for sectarian prejudice and stupid partisanship. In some ways they are worse than those who ignore it. Is the bible true? yes. Is it true, in all places, at face value? We’d better hope not. God is not gratified by your willingness to not use your brain. He made the damn thing and is going to be pretty cross if he finds it still in the packaging when you meet him.

4. N. Cox - June 25, 2010

I was raised in a small southern town. Exposed to nothing but fundamental churches, that are not even suppose to be fundamental like Methodists. But after I studied religion in college and gain exposure to other relgions, I realized that brillant, highly intellectual mostly believe that their relgion is the only true one. I was forced to go to church at least twice a week that had only two other children. No childrens church and family members at my youth directors and bible school teachers. It made me hate church. Question God’s exsistence, and all that I learned. Sadly, the worst people I have met in this world are the weekly church goers. Do they hear anything that the minister says???? They are judgemental, irrational (one family member with a college education said that New Orleans was hit by the hurricane because it was corrupt) and the most self absorbed people I have ever met. Kindness and Christianity clearly do not go hand in hand. I do believe in God (or a sumpreme being, faith, postive thinking, treating others as I want to be treated, forgiveness, peace, humanitaran efforts, etc. But I have moved 3,000 miles away from my family because of their weekly calls of did I go to church today. Most of my nieces and nephews do not go to church and my cousins as we all got it pushed down our throats and believed and were “saved” because we were told every Sunday we were going to hell. Teach kindness, love, helping, non-judging, etc. not judging which is clearly not our place.

5. John - March 19, 2011

VERY good blog. As Jesus Himself said, “Take the plank out of your own eye before trying to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”. Fundamentalists CONSISTENTLY overlook this teaching! Fundamentalism isn’t so much a belief as it is a disease, it’s often VERY difficult to cure!

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