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Calling Out Intolerant People is Not Intolerant August 28, 2006

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As part of a growing trend among anti-gay leaders, Peter LaBarbera of Americans for “Truth” is claiming those who oppose the anti-gay group’s mission are “intolerant”. The newly formed group, devoted only to taking away rights from gay and lesbian people, has been receiving the usual “we want you to leave our city” e-mails from those opposed to anti-gay bigotry. Here is one e-mail posted on the Americans for “Truth” site:

Please take your hate-filled agenda and ignorance to some other town. Naperville [Illinois] is very gay-friendly and is continuing to grow into a gay-friendly town. Hence, the GLBT alliances [“gay-straight alliance” student groups] in our high schools and local gay support groups. You are no better than those hateful Westboro Baptist Church people who picket dead soldiers because of “America’s acceptance of homosexuality”. Leave Naperville now.

Maybe not the most well-argued statement of opposition, but a valid one nonetheless. Of course, Peter LaBarbera fires back by claiming the writer is intolerant because she doesn’t support intolerant anti-gay agendas:

You are very intolerant, if your letter is any indication. Try to be open to other points of view. Sorry, we’re not leaving Naperville despite the anti-religious bigotry of activists like you. By the way, I have denounced Fred Phelps and his ridiculous “God Hates Fags” message (see the story, “LaBarbera Condemns Fred Phelps’ “God Hates Fags” Message and Threatened Picket at Soldier’s Funeral” on Illinois Family Institute’s website).Tolerance is all about tolerating dissenting viewpoints, while engaging in civil debate–i.e., refraining from abusive rhetoric and conduct toward your opponents. Sadly, your menacing note does not qualify.


Peter LaBarbera

The first annoying part of this email is that LaBoobera immediately labeled the writer as a gay activist. It is possible, but his assumption that only gay and lesbian activists are opposed to his bigoted mission is ignorant. Of course, he has no problem throwing factual accuracy to the wind in order to make a better headline for his story: “Activist to AFT: ‘Leave Naperville Now'”.

Sitting on his pedestal of tolerance, LaBoobera claims to be a decent human being by saying he has denounced Fred Phelps, who has protested at the funerals of AIDS victims, gay hate crime victims and U.S. soldiers, with signs like “God Hates Fags”. But when you read LaBarbera’s alleged “condemnation” of Fred Phelps, it reads like a self-pitying public relations piece. He doesn’t condemn Phelps for preying on gay hate crime victims, he only mentions the funerals of soldiers. He then goes on to explain that he is adamantly against Fred Phelps’ protest because it “fuels societal bigotry toward those who espouse genuine Biblical views on social issues like homosexuality and abortion.” Once again, instead of acknowledging the impact messages like ‘God Hates Fags’ has on gay people, he makes it about himself, claiming Phelps encourages bigotry against Christians. In his distorted mind, “God Hates Fags” is bigotry against anti-gay organizations more than it is bigotry against gay people. Not quite the “condemnation” decent people would expect.

The idea that those who stand up to intolerance are intolerant themselves is ludicrous. Were abolitionists opposed to the KKK intolerant because they vehemently opposed the organization? Are those opposed to neo-Nazis intolerant because they do not support their intolerant agenda? Were women’s rights activists intolerant because they spoke out against the belief in male supremacy? I am not equating Americans for Truth with the KKK (the latter being much worse than the former), but it is important to realize that opposition to the beliefs of intolerant groups does not mean the opposition is intolerant.

The absurdity of his argument seems well understood by most, but anti-gay activists have yet to give up on the message. Americans for “Truth” says “homosexual behavior is always wrong” and that gay and lesbian people “are a threat” to America. To counter this message, which encourages violence and hatred towards gay and lesbian people, is an act of standing up for equal rights and being treated with respect. I know LaBoobera has faced much discrimination and intolerance as a white, male, Christian, heterosexual (what I call the quadruple minority)… but I still insist that opposing his agenda encourages tolerance and exposes intolerance.

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1. Your true friend - August 29, 2006

To oppose the KKK (or Nazis or other such) is indeed intolerant – and properly intolerant. It is right to refuse to tolerate cowards who terrorize, beat, lynch, burn down houses and churches, etc.

To uphold Biblical Truths, to teach that homosexual practice is sin (like many other varieties of sin), to proclaim that all sinners need to recognize their condition, that all need to repent and be baptized and become obedient to Jesus Christ – Well, that is also intolerant, and properly so. If I am to be His disciple, I cannot approve of lying, stealing, adultery, gossip, etc. And I cannot embrace homosexuality.

Sin IS a threat to this nation – including the advance of the homosexual activist agenda, the increasing embrace of homosexuality and bisexuality as “cool,” the press for normalizing gender confusing starting at 4-5-6 yrs old, etc. (Sins of fatherlessness, no-fault divorce, greed, gluttony, etc., are also threats.)

And yet there will always be all sorts of sins/sinners in this world – I am to love each human being I meet, to have compassion for their weakness, but to tell the Truth. I am not free to sanctify and accept sin, even though I might find the person charming, attractive, seemingly “good” by this world’s standard. Instead, I must speak urgently of Christ, as one who was in the very same condition – for any sin creates the same broken relationship with God – and every sinner, whether a liar, a fornicator, a gossip, or a homosexual, has the same problem which requires the same solution: Faith in and obedience to Jesus Christ, who has the power to transform the human heart.

To oppose genuine Christians who are speaking Truth from God’s Word is also intolerant – but foolishly so. The adversary of the Christian is in fact the adversary of Jesus Christ himself.

2. ced94 - August 29, 2006

Indeed if this people oppose to what is better for the other people. Intolerancy, is capable of not adapting or considering soemone’s condition. So of course, they are intolerant! Could intolerancy be tolerated ?

3. johnny672 - August 29, 2006

The scary part is that Americans for Truth might actually think they are being treated with intolerance. Their minds are so warped and so focused on condemning a group of people that they have lost any perspective on reality.

This group needs to learn how much anti-gay bigotry effects the lives of gay people. Unfortunately they wouldn’t care, however, because “no gays” comes before “love thy neighbor”,

4. North Dallas Thirty - August 30, 2006

The problem is that the email in question didn’t just oppose his views.

It threatened him and ordered him to get out of town.

Let me change a few words and make the point clearer — as if this note were to be sent to a black couple with a history of civil rights activism:

Please take your race-based agenda and ignorance to some other town. Naperville [Illinois] is very white-friendly and is continuing to grow into a white-friendly town. Hence, the “White Power” groups in our high schools and local white support groups. You are no better than those hateful Louis Farrakhan types who claim whites are responsible for all problems”. Leave Naperville now.

I don’t think you would support that in the least. Indeed, you’d probably call it threatening and hateful.

Try applying the rules equally.

5. Branden - September 7, 2006

Heaven forbid we accept people in this country….

The Bible says everyone is a sinner, so if you consider homosexuals to be sinners, you are no better.

You don’t have to accept their sin, but you shouldn’t “hate” them for their sins.

You ALL sin, therefore I hate you all. Doesn’t make sense does it?

6. Damian Zyre - June 9, 2008

The sad thing about all this silliness is that the very foundation upon which this anti-gay posture is based (the Bible) does in NO WAY support
a negative position toward same gender relationships as we define them today. Jesus, having offered some definitive position on virtually every
manner of behavior did not utter a single syllable in protest of same gender relationships. The paltry attempt by the Born Misinformed to site the few biblical passages commonly maligned by the tragically simple minded by use of the most juvenile, superficial interpretation attempts whos’ conclusions are only possible if one ignores a plethora
of critical analysis that collectively refute the notion that “Gay” is wrong.
While all of nature has evidence of homosexuality from the Protozoa to the Cheetah, throughout the insect world and including the Dolphin and Panda…is it not reasonable that the Homo-sapient also exhibit this most natural, instinctual behavior?
These are all works of God. Do these supposed Christians propose to know better than HE ? The Creator does warn us of they who would claim to know his mind, and offer false witness in his name!
If these arrogant baffoons would just do their homework they would see how ridiculous they appear to the rest of us.

Damian Zyre

7. c - December 21, 2008

Vrs. 4 “Haven’t you heard, he replied, ‘that at the beginning the creator made them male and female..”

“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27

Vrs. 5 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. The man and wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”

There is this LIE out there that Jesus never addressed homosexuality. I think these passages CLEARLY state Jesus’ thoughts on the subject. Say and think what you will. But there is no denying the truch and the Laws of God and what He expects.

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