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First National Anti-Gay Group Devoted Solely to Taking Away Gay Rights August 21, 2006

Posted by newsfittopost in anti-gay activists.

Peter LaBarbera, executive director of the Illinois Family Institute and one of the most vicious anti-gay activists, has resigned his position at the Institute (although Gay Liberation Network believes he was fired). After a few years of spending 75 percent of his time condemning gay and lesbian people, he has decided to create a new national organization that will spend all of its time trying to rollback gay rights.

The new group, “Americans for Truth”, displays its mission proudly on its homepage: “the only national organization devoted exclusively to exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda.”

My question: Why the hell would a “heterosexual” man devote his entire life to promoting prejudice and bigotry towards a particular group of people? Why does LaBoobera find satisfaction and fulfillment in attacking gay and lesbian people and their families? Having extreme-right activists include anti-gay politics in their “family values” agenda is bad enough, but to have an entire organization devoted to hurting gays and lesbians places “Americans for Truth” in the same league as white supremacist organizations, anti-immigrant organizations and other groups that dedicate their mission to targeting a particular community.

Here is LaBarbera gushing over the chance to spend 100 percent of his time attacking gay people:

I am delighted that soon I will be able to devote my full time and energies to Americans for Truth and its goal of educating citizens on the threat that the powerful and well-funded ‘GLBT’ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) movement poses to children, marriage and freedom…

Homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual groups spend tens of millions of dollars every year to market and normalize their aberrant lifestyles, yet after all these years there is not a single, serious national group dedicated specifically to exposing and countering their agendas…

It’s time for Americans to unapologetically resist the demands of this lobby, and to counter the lies upon which it is built-the foremost being that certain people are inherently or ‘born’ homosexual and that this is a civil rights issue.

As always, LaBarbera speaks of “well-funded” LGBT groups and the “tens of millions of dollars” spent in advocating for gay and lesbian rights. He always forgets to mention that anti-gay groups spend in the hundreds of millions of dollars in their mission to promote bigotry in American government.

The key to combating this new found group is financially. It will likely get funding from other anti-gay groups such as Focus on the Family and from ultra-conservative groups that blur the lines between hate and politics. But the key to success for many organizations is corporate funding and big donors.

It is vital that the LGBT movement and its allies play close attention to contributors to Americans for Truth. If a corporation funds the group, LGBT people and their allies need to boycott the corporation. If a large donor contributes, they need to be exposed for who they are. There are no other issues to hide behind for people who donate to Americans for Truth… if they give money to the organization, they are directly attacking gay and lesbian families. Unlike contributions to other extreme-right groups that deal with a number of issues including anti-gay politics, the motives of any donor to Americans for Truth will be painfully clear.

It has yet to be determined how much impact Americans for Truth will have on gay and lesbian issues, but it does pose a threat. However, if Peter LaBarbera brings the same hateful rhetoric he used in Illinois to a national audience, it is possible people will reject his anti-gay message. Targeting their contributors and allowing LaBoobera to speak his mind will go a long way towards undermining the effectiveness of this group.

P.S. Not to be a stickler about grammar and consistency, but those designing the Americans for Truth materials have already had problems deciding whether quotation marks should surround the word ‘gay’. Apparently their solution so far: sometimes use it, sometimes don’t. Have they even decided what they believe and do not believe?

Also: Check out an earlier post on Peter LaBarbera and his gay porn collection.



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2. Anonymous - August 22, 2006

I hate to be a stickler about grammar, but
“The key to combating this new found group is financially. ”
is not a proper sentence.

3. newsfittopost - August 22, 2006

Anonymous: Fair enough on my sentance structure mistake… but there is a notable difference between a quick blog entry and the materials meant to launch a national organization. I’m guessing you didn’t like the post… any comments about its substance?

4. Carmen - August 22, 2006

If nothing else, the creation of “Americans for Truth” will lead to some fun fundraising letters on the part of LGBT organizations. I think LGBT organizations should create a box on their websites that announces how much money is gleaned in reaction to the existance of “Americans for Truth”. I’m thinking about sending them a thank you letter for giving us a visible enemy that will excite our base and reenergize our members.

5. Anonymous - August 30, 2006

Sadly, Americans for Truth is an emerging hate group. There claims about GLBT people are a “call to arms” that many sick minds will take. This mob mentality of “stop the queers” only results in more hate crimes. I hope people see this group for what they are, a hate group whose sole intention is to bash their fellow man.

I have detailed much more about them on my own blog and I have a feeling I will need to blog much about this to expose it to the sunlight of social justice.

6. Anonymous - August 30, 2006

hey, it said I was logged in but didn’t print it was me….

joe brummer!

7. william hoffman - September 26, 2006

i think most fudamentalist christians suffer from a psychopathic personality disorder i was targeted by 2 born again christians on my job at a state hospital who constantly made snide remarks, invoked bible scripture and spread the most vile gossip about me, even accusing me of molesting a 60 year old patient in an attempt to have me fired, while still proclaiming they love me and jesus does too!
5 years later they continue to poison the minds of my co-workers while pretending they accept me. (i am a gay person who at the time was not out but of course they changed all that even though i never express it and try to act somewhat straight) the sad part is most people believe them till they get to know me. i still feel sick from it and even considered suicide not to mention substance abuse and loss of sprituality. in reality (a word they never use) is a deep hatred of homosexuals. they were so envious if someone spoke well of me or complimented my work habits. i still cant beleive how callous they were when i found out they were the instigaters of the molestation accusations. they were unable to grasp why i was so upset. so much for christian love

8. Richie Sheridan - May 28, 2007

Please Copy and Circulate this Flier~~~

Attention, Attention, Attention!!! Red Alert, Red Alert, Red Alert!!!


Armageddon – A Place of Decisive Battle Between Good and Evil During the End Times


Webster’s “Pervert”: 1. To cause to turn from what is considered right, good, or true; misdirect; lead astray, corrupt. 2. to turn to an improper use; misuse 3. to change, or misapply the meaning of misinterpret; distort; twist; to bring into a worse condition; debase. noun a perverted person; especially, a person who practices sexual perversion.

Be Gay, Be Lustful, Be Greedy, Play with Adult Toys, Be Enviousness, Be Angry, Be Gluttonness, Be Heartless, Be Selfish, Be Sneeky, BE JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT GOD WARNED US NOT TO DO!.

Take a Look at 2 Timothy 3. If that isn’t prophecy, if it doesn’t say what’s going on today, then please put me out of my “insanity” now!

We Must Call For The Removal of Gay Activist Councilman Ed Oakley from the Dallas Mayor’s Race, OR The City Council MUST For The Good of Dallas
Ed Oakley’s City Hall Number: 214-670-0776
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Please Make Their Phone Wires Melt From the Massive Public Calls of Outrage!!!

Has Dallas been disgraced enough throughout our State, and Nationally over the past few years with the DISD scandals, the FBI investigation, the Reign of Mayor Miller, Our Dysfunctional City Council, the Cowboys Fiasco, the DA Drug Scandal, the Jail Health Problems, the Calatrava Bridges, The Trinity Park Fight, Being No. 1 in Crime Nationally for 8 straight years, Being Very Mean to Our Homeless, Tops in Obesity, and Among the Worse in Personal Credit? Dallas places the Material over Humanity.

THERE’S A GAY RABIDNESS, A GAY FEEDING FRENZY NATIONALLY OVER GAY ACTIVIST ED OAKLEY’S RUN FOR THE MAYOR OF DALLAS. (Newsweek, May 28 th issue) They, the Gays call it “Fairness”. It’s fairness for outwardly Gay people to gain political office, and further the Gay agenda. The Gay lifestyle leads to disease and death, including a lot of emotional suffering along the way.

G.A.Y….Gone Against Yahweh. Yes, They did it in the Old Testament, in the Old Times too. Still haven’t learned from their mistakes.
1. The Gay life-style is SATANIC.
2. Gay men are banned from giving blood. Why? Because it can lead to disease/death!
3. The Gay-life-style is insane. (“Legally”declassified in the ‘70s by some lyin’ lawyers)
4. The Gay life-style is against Natures laws,- and Nature’s plumbing.
5. All past great civilizations fell into debauchery just before they were either
conquered from within or without.
6. “God didn’t destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because the people were smoking.”
Rev. Ronald Wright.
7. The Oakley Mayoral Candidacy is an “Armageddon Event”.

“Armageddon” is a place, and there will be many places, where there will be battles between good and evil, battles over issues, major issues. Satan is showing his face all over in the Gay Agenda, in the price of energy, in the Iraq War, pornography, etc. We are being challenged as never before. We are in 2 Timothy 3. Men, will you find your b**ls, and enter the arena, or is your material position too important? Our children are being DESTROYED!!!
We must stop Gay Activist Ed Oakley/The Gay Agenda
here in Dallas, Texas!!! Public Health is Our No. 1 Concern, and The Gay Lifestyle Leads to Disease and Death!!!

Nationally, Democratic Leader Pelosi is Leading the Debauchery Charge:

Promotes Evil Lust Orgasims Sodomy Insanity…and the Liberal Democrats Just Love Baby Killing Abortions!!!

“These are the times which try men’s souls. The sunshine soldier, and sunshine patriot in this crisis will shrink from the service to his country. But he who stands here now deserves the greater love of man and woman.” Thomas Paine.

No May-her Oakley!!!

No Mayor Oakley!!!

Please copy one,- or both of the above bumper stickers, enlarging it about 200 to 300%, have it laminated, and tape it to your car for the next few weeks.

This flier is compliments of Richie Sheridan, the Most Disrespected 2007 Dallas Mayoral Candidate  May 27, 2007
Parts of this flier have been heard on Robert Ashley’s KHVN Heaven 970am Talk Show

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