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Mel Gibson’s History of Anti-Jewish and Anti-Gay Remarks August 1, 2006

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As most know already, actor Mel Gibson was pulled over in Los Angeles for drunk driving. During the arrest, he spewed out his half-hidden opinion of Jewish people: “F….. Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Sober and somewhat composed, Mel Gibson has now released a statement apologizing for his anti-Semitic comments. Of course, he is claiming his love for Jewish people of all sorts and tries to pass it off as a drunken incident:

There is no excuse, nor should there be any tolerance, for anyone who thinks or expresses any kind of anti-Semitic remark. I want to apologize specifically to everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words that I said to a law enforcement officer the night I was arrested on a DUI charge…

The tenets of what I profess to believe necessitate that I exercise charity and tolerance as a way of life. Every human being is God’s child, and if I wish to honor my God I have to honor his children. But please know from my heart that I am not an anti-Semite. I am not a bigot. Hatred of any kind goes against my faith.

Despite the “heart-warming” statement most likely written by his public relations guy, the truth is that Mel Gibson is a bigot and a hateful person. He has a history of making deeply offensive remarks about Jews, gay people and anyone who dares to critique one of his films.

Remember Gibson’s statement, “Hatred of any kind goes against my faith,” as you read some of these Gibson classics:

  • The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation criticizes Mel Gibson for anti-gay comments and asks for an apology. Gibson: “I’ll apologize when hell freezes over. They can f- — – off.”
  • Gibson refuses to disagree with his father’s belief that the Holocaust never happened. When asked about his belief, he artfully avoids a direct answer.
  • After New York Times columnist Frank Rich warns that Gibson’s movie Passion of the Christ could fuel anti-Semitism, Gibson responds: “I want to kill him. I want his intestines on a stick. I want to kill his dog.”
  • Gibson tells a Spanish newspaper he worries people think he is gay because he is an actor: “They take it up the ass. This is only for taking a shit [pointing to his butt]… But with this look, who’s going to think I’m gay? It would be hard to take me for someone like that. Do I sound like a homosexual? Do I talk like them? Do I move like them? What happens is when you’re an actor, they stick that label on you.”

Mel Gibson sure sounds like quite the humanitarian. He is way past “three strikes and you’re out”. The extreme right-wing has already come to his defense, using its vast resources to defend his bigoted comments. Right-wing organizations love to lambast Hollywood for being too liberal or too tolerant, but it appears as if they have found a friend in Mel Gibson. Not too surprising I suppose.


1. james - August 1, 2006

Mel Gibson has also made both sexist and quasi-racist comments. This guy obviously belongs in Texas and not in Hollywood.

2. paula - August 8, 2006

This is a problem of parents using their children as sounding boards for their hate. This a form of child abuse that Mel Gibson father practiced. Being taught hate in childhood colors your view of the world.
Changing your view of reality is not done by saying sorry. What Mel Gibson said about the gay community was so offensive. These remarks are not off the cuff, but deeply ingrained in his personal beliefs.

3. Nick - August 18, 2006

Anti gay remarks….well he gets away with it. Anti semitism remark, I don’t think you can get away with that. Let’s hope that will be the end of his hollywood dreams……….

4. Jackson - September 14, 2007

Only through the scope of narrowmindedness, can what Mel Gibson said be interpreted as anti-semitism or anti-gay. Does he not have the right to consider his own body the way he wants to? The same people who take offense on what they label anti-Jewish bigotry, usually have no limits themselves when they make bigoted remarks against Hispanics, Blacks or Muslims. Self-righteousness gets a very awkward meaning this way – the best thing is to live and let live, and that is what Mel Gibson is about, except he also likes to challenge people to use their brains. But – try and explain that to the ignorant and intimidated people who believe George W. Bush is a righteous man.

5. Junior X - August 31, 2008

WOW so he made some anti jewish remarks big deal, when people in hollywood or news stations like FOXNEWS make anti islamic remarks or anti arab remarks ( who are also semitic ) it does not get any coverage

6. Anonymous - November 30, 2008

thank you fuck the jewws fuck the fags u worthless scum wasting up oxygen for food 4 every1 u wnt reproduce so go fuck ur self iin the ass lol fags

7. anonymous - January 16, 2009

Tell ’em anonymous!! homos are perverted and sick and they’re gonna burn in hell because of it!! and they know it but dont want to believe it!

8. ryan - February 13, 2009

Those last two commenters are both gay. I saw them fucking each other in the ass. They are nasty

9. fuckjewandfaggots - April 24, 2009

fuck jews and faggots

10. Rio Carrera - June 1, 2009

Hey I don’t think it matters if he doesn’t like “taking it up the butt” that doesn’t mean that he’s anti-gay. I bet if he and I met, we would be great friends. The man is from Australia, and having had quite a few Aussie Boy-lovers, I can tell you straight-up, they are not afraid of speaking their minds. Besides half the population of the continent live in Sydney and Sydney is SO Gay, San Francisco needs to take notes. I love Mel, his movies, his brazen attitude and if he were a MO, his BUTT too, but since he’s straight, he’s not even a contender. Let’s stop outing the man, he’s not that way, and just let him be. Don’t we have more important things going on in the world.

And concerning the PASSION OF CHRIST. I don’t really know HOW he did it, but I am 100% sure in my gay born again Christian soul that that is exactly what the JEWS did to JESUS. And it’s not anti-Semitic retelling history if that is what is FAITH and believed to have happened. It’s just a very brutal story about the Crucifixion of God Incarnate who washed away all our blasted stupid ass sin so our sorry asses could get into heavy, if you have accepted him as your personal savior. By that you’re business with the Lord. My sorry sinful ass has taken care of my faith, of which despite my humanity, imperfections, my faith and love does not waiver, and I must forgive even Mel, and myself, to be blessed.

11. Rio Carrera - June 1, 2009

And please forgive my spelling mistakes as I wrote this swiftly.

12. Two Blue Stars by Rio Carrera - June 1, 2009
13. Aaron - July 10, 2010

All I can say—Don’t flatter yourself!!!!Also when he says..”Do I sound like a homosexual”—Well yea, Kinda!!
Good-Bye Mel….I think your career is over…Thank God!!!
Time to Boy-cot Mel and his movies that he makes

14. Mike - August 14, 2010

Interesting,isn’t it, that the guys who are most anti-gay are usually the ones who have gay tendencies and are trying to supress them. Why is Mel so worried about being thought to be gay? Maybe he is a little bit worried himself?

But don’t worry, Mel. Once you were indeed a gay idol and all the guys wanted your sweet butt. But no more. You’re just not sexy any more, I’m afraid. So we’ll leave you alone. Are you disappointed?


15. ks - December 28, 2010

Way to go Mel! You got it right. Mel Gibson Rules!!!

16. ks - December 28, 2010

God designed the parts to fit together in a certain way for a purpose. You gonna deny that? Mel might have other issues, but he is right about the fag part and he is right about the J part polluting society. Keep on trukin’ Mel. Keep telling the truth.

17. Donnetta Miquel - Bikini Girl - January 17, 2011

Thanks , I have recently been searching for info about this subject for ages and yours is the best I have discovered till now. But, what about the bottom line? Are you sure about the source?

18. Who Gives a Fuck - March 21, 2011

wow. mel gibson. wow. for a smart guy, you don’t know shitt

19. you people need jesus and therepy - April 16, 2011

first of all God loves all of his children. even those o you who have no lives and post hateful things on sites like these, which goes against all of his sons teachings. secondly, jesus taught on things like jealousy, loving your neighbor and each other (something you clearly need to work on). the parables. jesus never uttered a single word about homosexuals. you not only sound idiotic and come across ignorant, as well as cowardly….but your sinning just by judging others. only God has the right to judge and clearly states you doing so is a sin. im Christian! what god are YOU worshipping? ill pray for you!

20. shelb - May 19, 2013

why do gays get so much attention from everyone? im gay. i also love god. i can even say i dislike the whole gay scene because a lot of them dont act themselves. its like theyre trying to be as gay as they can possibly be. but then again, porn is ridiculous, whores are ridiculous and so are homophobes. if people werent so obsessed with putting an act on for everyone maybe there wouldnt be so much hate in the world. there are a lot of sins. everyones guilty. everyone sins everyday. whats really polluting our minds is negativity and lying to ourselves about who we are. maybe gays are just meant to be alone their whole lives. i know id rather be alone if i couldnt love who i wanted to love. and sex is not the main thing about a relationship. thats another thing some people dont seem to understand. as far as mel speaking his mind, well hes only human. people tend to talk. just because media is so far up every celebs ass doesnt mean hes gay or any of that. he probably just hates the gay scene too.

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