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Bush: “Sometimes a Show of Force by One Side Can Really Clarify Things” July 25, 2006

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As Lebanon continues to be bombarded with Israeli bombs and the television news continues to show innocent civilians dead on the streets, it is hard not to ask “what if”.

The Arab-Israeli conflict is decades, some say centuries, old, but this new wave of violence comes after a relatively peaceful five year period between Lebanon and Israel. Anti-American sentiment has grown to enormous proportions in the Arab world, and I believe some of this is a result of an overly-aggressive pro-Israeli stance on behalf of the administration.

Lebanese need to have faith in the power-brokers of the Middle East… most notably the United States. Although Hezbollah has been around for some time now, it is safe to say that its recruitment numbers have gone up partially because of continued anxiety towards the West.

From the One Percent Doctrine by Ron Suskind:

…it became clear at the start of 2001 that this administration was to alter the long-standing U.S. role of honest broker in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to something less than that. The President, in fact, has said… Clinton had overreached at the end of his second term, bending too much toward Yasser Arafat… [Bush said] “We’re going to tilt back toward Israel… Sometimes a show of force by one side can really clarify things.”

Bush’s statement captures his ideology on foreign policy, one that has played out in Iraq and Lebanon: force before diplomacy. Although the above statement came before 9/11, it was clear even then that Bush was willing to watch the slaughter of hundreds of Lebanese or Palestinians in hopes that something good comes out of the bloodshed. We are watching that ideology play out right now in the Middle East.

America needs to be the “honest broker” the Lebanese government was hoping for. Not only does it have the potential to create good-will among the more moderate Arab nations, but it is the right thing to do. The European Union and the United Nations has called for an immediate cease-fire… where is the United States?

Bush and Condi argue we need a long-term solution before Israel ends its terror. We have not been able to find a long-term solution in decades… how long will it take and how many lives will be lost before we come up with something even remotely close to this ideal solution? In times of relative peace we have not found common ground, so how are we to find it when hostilities are at their peak?

Believe it or not… America’s foreign policy has failed again. The majority of the “blame” lies with Hezbollah and Israel, but I cannot help but wonder “what if”.



1. Anonymous - September 22, 2006

Bush is an ass.

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