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Lou Sheldon Says Goodridge Break-Up is Symbolic of Unstable Gay Relationships July 24, 2006

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In an earlier post, I predicted it wouldn’t take long before some anti-gay group started claiming the break-up of Julie and Hillary Goodridge was symbolic of gay people not being able to have stable relationships. Unfortunately, I was correct.Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition:

It comes as no surprise to me that the two lesbians who were at the center of the gay marriage controversy in Massachusetts have now separated after only two years. Homosexual relationships are notoriously unstable—and many male homosexual activists openly admit they don’t want monogamous marriages…It is well known to those of us who study the homosexual agenda and homosexual behaviors that their relationships are quite often fleeting and anonymous…

The separation of Julie and Hillary Goodridge is tragic not only for their daughter, but for our entire culture, which has been undermined by their successful lobbying efforts to have homosexual marriage legalized in Massachusetts. They have clearly shown just how little they value the institution of marriage and provide a chilling look into what our nation faces if homosexual marriage is legalized elsewhere…

How many two-year-old homosexual marriage break ups will clog our courts and damage children who are caught in the crossfire of warring gay men and women who cannot remain faithful to each other? The institution of marriage is already fragile in America; it is likely that there will be an epidemic of homosexual divorces if widely sanctioned and children will be the primary victims of this dangerous social experiment.

Sheldon forgot to mention that divorce rates among heterosexual married couples is at least 41 percent.

Update: Good As You also comments on the TVC response.



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