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Middle East Fighting Should End Today… World Gay Pride is Cancelled July 22, 2006

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Rabbi Pinchas Winston:

Why does this [Middle East] war break out this week, all of sudden with little warning? Because this is the exact week the Jewish people are trying to decide whether the gay pride parade should take place in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

If recent anti-gay statements by rabbis are true, the fighting in the Middle East should come to an end by nightfall today. They say the intense fighting between Israel and Hezbollah was started not because of two kidnapped Israel soldiers or because of an over-reaction on Israels part… the military campaign was God saying “No Gay Pride in Israel”.

WorldNetDaily – a conservative web site that devotes more articles to promoting its writers’ books than reporting on actual news – had said rabbis were blaming the Middle East crisis on an upcoming World Pride Parade in Jerusalem. The rabbis believe the violence erupted because God was punishing Israel for allowing gay and lesbian people to live and celebrate within its borders.

But the World Pride Parade in Jerusalem has been cancelled because of the violence in Israel, so I am assuming these rabbis are expecting the violence to stop any minute. These rabbis have told us the violence is less about Hezbollah or Israeli soldiers, and more about same-sex couples wanting to hold hands while walking down the middle of a damn street. Well, the gays have done their part to stop the violence, let’s see peace happen.

In a WorldNetDaily article announcing the parade’s cancellation, it seems odd that none of the rabbis expect an end to the violence. These anti-gay rabbis seem to have wire-tapped God, knowing the cause for the fighting and all, so why haven’t we had any recent news about the end to violence?

Every time a disastrous event happens, right-wing nuts blame it on God punishing the world for being kind and tolerant to gay and lesbian people. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson both blamed the September 11th attacks on America’s supposed acceptance of gay people. “Christian” group Repent America blamed Hurricane Katrina on an upcoming gay pride parade in New Orleans. And now gay people have started an entire war in the Middle East… talk about a powerful lobbying group.

But if these events are God’s punishment for the existence of gay people, why is it that the almighty decides to target heterosexuals instead of just waiting to strike once the gay parades begin? I feel like God could kill two birds with one stone: Tell the people of the world that he wants gays and lesbians to be treated as subhuman by throwing a hurricane, tornado, or WMD at gay people while they are congregated in one place. Kill them and teach others like them a lesson at the same time.

If hearing these death scenarios as acts-of-God makes you uncomfortable, that’s good. It should make you uncomfortable. But realize that anti-gay religious leaders like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and the rabbis in the WorldNetDaily article hope and pray for disasters such as these. Nothing would fuel their ministries more than the mass death of gay and lesbian people, and I have little doubt that they hope for this on a daily basis. These are not normal people of God… they are psychopaths fueled by some intense hatred that they mistake for something divine.

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1. Anonymous - July 22, 2006

You must be a non-believer. Christians are supposed to look for signs from God and I don’t believe it is completely unrealistic to think he has a hand in this. Hurricane Katrina happened the week that “gay pride” was supposed to happen there. The Israeli-Lebanese conflict started the week before “gay pride” was supposed to happen there. It may be a coincidence, but it is not unrealistic to believe it could be a sign.

2. Moderate with Brains - July 22, 2006

I’m sorry Anonymous, but you are a horribly misguided believer. Hurricane Katrina struck one of the few American cities that is majority Black… does that mean God is showing us some “sign” about Black people? The atrocities in Israel began because of Hezbollah and the devestation in New Orleans because of a Hurricane… should we avoid words that start with “H” in hopes of preventing future events? Your weak correlations are an embarrasment. Fundamentalists also blamed 9/11 on gay people, but there was no gay pride happening in New York. Did God think gay pride was happening that day and made a mistake, or was he just planning ahead for the gay pride coming up in June 2002? Let me know.

3. News Fit to Post - making social justice visible » Gay Pride Responsible for Middle East Crisis? - July 22, 2006

[…] Update 7/22: World Pride in Jerusalem has been cancelled because of the Middle East conflict. Does that mean the rabbis believe the violence will end too? Views from the Blogs: […]

4. Kelli - July 28, 2006

To #1 (anonymous)–
You must be a non-Israeli. Otherwise you’d know, like those of us here in Israel, that the Israeli-Lebanese conflict started a month before World Pride, on July 12, not a week.

Furthermore, it is only the march and not World Pride’s other 165 hours of programming (religious conference, film festival, health conference, literary events, performances, etc.) that has been postponed until after the war. (Hmmm. . . maybe that’s why the war up north hasn’t stopped yet. . . )

Following your logic, why don’t natural and man-made disasters strike right before every Pride march every year all around the world? Is God just too busy to get around to them all? Or running out of ideas for punishment?

5. C-fluit - October 22, 2007

I think gay pride is nasty…. Would God want you to be gay NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! You will go to hell for being gay….

6. Idetrorce - December 15, 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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