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Gay Pride Responsible for Middle East Crisis? July 19, 2006

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Gay people have been blamed for 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and now the crisis in the Middle East. Check out another ridiculous blame game by the anti-gay right…


Updated 7/19/06 5pm ET:

WorldNetDaily claims rabbis believe the conflict in the Middle East was started because of the upcoming World Pride Parade in Jeruslaem:

…many religious leaders believe the Israeli government’s decision to allow a world homosexual parade in Jerusalem is having real-life consequences.

“This [parade] is an attack against God himself,” [Rabbi Pinchas] Winston said. “God has told the Jewish people, ‘If you are not going to fight for my honor, you will be forced to fight for your own honor.'”

Winston points to the clashes that broke out after Hezbollah staged a raid last week in which two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped and eight more soldiers were killed…

Lazer Brody, an author and dean of the Breslov Rabbinical College in Ashdod, Israel, concurred with Winston.

“When God’s presence is in the camp, nothing can happen to the Jewish people,” Brody stated. “But If the Jewish people bring impurity into the camp of Israel, this chases away God’s presence…”

He said the public display of homosexuality in Jerusalem “soils the camp of Israel with impurity, and pushes away the divine presence and protection.”

When all else fails, blame the gays. This article is barely worth responding to, considering its absurdity, but it is nice to know we are influential in some parts of the world. After all the recent court rulings against marriage equality, it is comforting to know the LGBT movement is still powerful enough to start wars between Israel, Lebanon and god knows who else.

As a gay colleague of mine said in passing: “My day is out of control busy. First I have a press conference to attend, then I have to call reporters… and I have to take care of all of this while flaming it up in Israel to keep this crisis going.”

And you know when Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell read this WorldNetDaily article, they are going to be nodding their heads in agreement. The enemies of the LGBT movement are not Christians… they are fundamentalist nut-jobs who believe they have a direct phone-line to God. It takes extreme arrogance to be able to talk for God, much less claim (s)he is causing catastrophes like Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 because of a group completely detached from the events. Luckily, most Christians that read the article will have the same words on the tip of their tongue: nut jobs.

Update 7/22: World Pride in Jerusalem has been cancelled because of the Middle East conflict. Does that mean the rabbis believe the violence will end too?
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1. Jay Andrew Allen - July 19, 2006

Makes sense to me. I mean, look at all of the Gay Pride events in America that have been attacked by Islamic extremists!

Oh, wait…

2. Becky "Stop Gay Terrorism" Lynch - July 19, 2006

Gays also caused the recent heat wave across the US. I don’t know if you heard, but flamie men have been linked to greenhouse gases, which causes global warming, which causes heat waves. Damn us! Don’t tell me you think it’s just a coincidence that the heat wave happened to be during Pride season… you are all so naive.

3. The Evil European - July 20, 2006

Cuckoo, cuckoo

4. Kevin H - July 20, 2006

Hey, NY Supreme Court just upheld a ban on gay marriage. Tropical Storm Beryl is coming their way!!! Ironic? Or is God only after zealous religious leaders? After all, how many gay communities have been displaced by disasters, not many!!! These crack pots need a reality check.

5. Barbra Casbar - July 21, 2006

The monstrous irony is that it is just like Hitler and the Nazis blaming the Jews for Germany’s problems post WWI. It is horribly surreal, it is no wonder our people seem historically doomed to suffer, because we just cannot “get it”!

When will we- they ever learn?


6. News Fit to Post - making social justice visible » Middle East Fighting Should End Today… World Gay Pride is Cancelled - July 22, 2006

[…] WorldNetDaily – a conservative web site that devotes more articles to promoting its writers’ books than reporting on actual news – had said rabbis were blaming the Middle East crisis on an upcoming World Pride Parade in Jerusalem. The rabbis believe the violence erupted because God was punishing Israel for allowing gay and lesbian people to live and celebrate within its borders. […]

7. Anonymous - May 30, 2007


8. Anonymous - June 23, 2007


9. SAUBOCK - November 1, 2007



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