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Ignoring the Facts Helps Further the Crusade July 12, 2006

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Conservatives love to talk about the “will of the people” and expanded powers for the executive branch… unless it doesn’t work in their favor.

In what is perhaps one of the most idiotic and theocratic columns I have read in awhile, Townhall columnist Jennifer Roback Morse goes on about the crusade for decency in Spain. Here is what the intellectually dishonest columnist had to say:

As the whole world surely knows, Pope Benedict XVI was in Valencia this weekend. What you might not know is the significance of what he said: people cheered for him when he was the least “politically correct.” Spain’s Socialist government legalized same sex marriage by an act of Parliament. Every time Benedict said, “the family, based on the indissoluble marriage of a man, and a woman,” the audience of a million went wild.The importance of this statement is that the Spanish Socialist government foisted same sex marriage, including adoption by same sex couples upon this predominantly Catholic country…

The Socialist government was not elected to impose same sex marriage on an overwhelmingly Catholic country. When the legislation was proposed, over a million people marched in Madrid to protest….

The Socialists may have overplayed their hand in Spain. People are sick of the social experiments. Pope Benedict XVI’s inspiring words and gentle demeanor may just be the encouragement people need to push back decisively against the trends of redefining marriage and the family. People are ready to restore the ideal of one man, one woman, for life.

In her condemnation of Spain’s government “foisting” marriage equality on its people, Ms. Morse forgot to mention to her readers that 2/3 of Spaniards support same-sex marriage. Let me repeat that in case any of my readers are as slow as hers (though I doubt it)… 2/3 of Spaniards support same-sex marriage.

In her ramblings about the horrors of marriage equality, she gives her already warped readers the sense that Spain has erupted in anti-gay marriage rallies with religious leaders on hunger strikes and families refusing to go outside for fear of seeing two men holding hands. It’s not happening… Spain has accepted same-sex marriage and not even the Pope will change that.

What makes her column even more insane is that she believes marriage was “imposed” on Spain through some secret blood-sharing ritual in the halls of Parliament. Conservatives talk about the will of the people and the rights of the executive, yet she is still complaining about marriage equality despite it being proposed by the executive with the backing of 2/3 of Spanish citizens.

So President Bush should have the power to detain innocent people on a Cuban island, use degrading interrogation techniques and deny them due process, but Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is a dictator because he let some gay couples walk down the aisle? Absurd. Next thing you know, she is going to be asking for courts to overturn same-sex marriage laws (because “activist judges” are okay if they are conservative “activist judges”). Hypocrisy at its finest.

What Jennifer Roback Morse needs to understand is that Spain has not been a theocracy for a long time and the people have already decided their views on marriage equality. A man in a white robe wearing Prada shoes is not going to change that and neither will an American columnist who believes she represents the will of the Spanish people better than their opinion polls do.



1. Hair grow - January 2, 2007

I think marriage is over rated, and you should have the right..but why bother? it is not always fun,

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