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Teaching True Religion in an America Filled With Zealots July 3, 2006

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It is the nature of human beings to reach to religion when facing harassment, adversity and oppression. When all the forces of Earth seem aligned against you, looking beyond this world towards a more peaceful existence can often times be the only way to find solace. But where do you turn when religion, or more accurately religious leaders, begin to preach against you?

Some love from Baptist Press:

Homosexuality is an abomination to God. This is the strongest biblical word for the denunciation of sin, the proof of which is in God’s own version of the Extreme Makeover at Sodom and Gomorrah, which were destroyed in a hail of fire and brimstone… Every one of us has a sin nature that twists and perverts God-given desires not only toward homosexuality, but toward all sorts of sexual sin, such as promiscuity, adultery, pedophilia, bestiality etc. In fact, our sinful nature pulls us down into all manner of evil, not just sexual sin. That’s the definitive problem.

And from the Vatican document on gay priests:

Regarding [homosexual] acts, it teaches that, in Sacred Scripture, these are presented as grave sins. Tradition has constantly considered them to be intrinsically immoral and contrary to natural law. These, consequently, may not be approved in any case… Concerning profoundly deep-rooted homosexual tendencies, that one discovers in a certain number of men and women, these are also objectively disordered…

Calling gays “objectively disordered” is like, so 30 years ago. Anyone know if there is a similar document banning priests who molest little girls? Nevermind… banning celibate gay priests should be a priority, my mistake.

And from a Bishop Alfred A. Owens Jr. speech on “real men” in Washington DC:

It takes a real man to confess Jesus as Lord and Savior. I’m not talking about no faggot or no sissy. Wait a minute! Let all the real men come on down here and take a bow. All the real men—I’m talking about the straight men. You ain’t funny and you ain’t cranky, but you’re straight. Come on down here and walk around and praise God that you are straight. Thank him that you’re straight. All the straight men that’s proud to be a Christian, that’s proud to be a man of God.

Anti-gay religious statements are not difficult to come by. In fact, you just read quotes from the moderates of the anti-gay right… much worst exist. Check out God Hates Fags for example.

Now compare these preachers to the recently elected presiding bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori of the Episcopal Church.

Here is Bishop Jefferts Schroi on CNN’s Live From:

I believe that God creates us with different gifts. Each one of us comes into this world with a different collection of things that challenge us and things that give us joy and allow us to bless the world around us. And some people come into this world with affections ordered toward other people of the same gender and some people come into this world with affections directed at people of the other gender

In another interview, Bishop Jefferts Schori said, “I am fully committed to the full inclusion of gay and lesbian Christians in this church.”

It seems apparent which church leader sounds the most Christian-like. The anti-gay pastors condemn others, spread intolerance and actively preach against gay and lesbian people’s humanity. Bishop Jefferts Schori and other affirmative church leaders talk about acceptance, full inclusion and God’s gifts to mankind. It is unfortunate that the former seem to overshadow the latter. My hope is that in a position of power, Bishop Jefferts Schori will be able to combat condemnations with a message of love.



1. Professor, Dr. David C. Rine - December 19, 2006

A Scholar Speaks Out-

By Jesus’ own words from scipture a disciple of Jesus is one who follows HIM and believes that he is the ONLY WAY TO SALVATION – the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Therefore, by her very own words the ECUSA Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori is NOT a disciple of Jesus. Hence, you have the leader of (TEC) ECUSA is NOT A DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST. Therefore, ALL who accept Jesus as LORD and Savior must NOT follow this Presiding Bishop and must strongly advise, for the sake of their eternal souls, to reject this bishop’s teachings and authority.

However, since Jefferts Schori is outside the disciples of Jesus Christ we should pray for her and try to continue, as with all other human beings, to love her and to at some point in her life to accept Jesus as LORD and Savior and to be baptised as such.

In The Name of JESUS the One and Only Way to Salvation,

David C. Rine
Professor Emeritus and Founding Chair
Volgenau School of Information Technology
George Mason University


2. Professor, Dr. David C. Rine - December 19, 2006

Thesis. Jesus Christ is the Only Savior and is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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