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Ending Jihadist Ideology July 2, 2006

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From Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found:

He recites the international rosary of the jihad: Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Bosnia. I have heard this before, in a mosque in Brooklyn, in the imam’s sermon: the careful perusal of every Islamic struggle worldwide, the bugles of distant battles, a sense of a global wrong. These are the street skirmishes in the larger worldwide war, a war that has been going on for centuries, beginning in an obscure hot place among people convinced that there was a good and there was an evil, and evil had to be fought and good defended. The lives of the young Muslims in the gangwar are given meaning by this fight, not to convert the kafirs–the infidels–but to protect their own honor… [it is] only the latest in a long series of historic battles.

This passage is a small insight into the way Islamic jihadists view Western nations and the world, but leaves us with more questions than answers. I believe breaking up terrorist organizations and fighting extremism is vitally important, but only as important as changing the violent ideology of terrorists and preventing future generations from adopting it.

“A global sense of wrong”… is this something America is attempting to combat, or are we contributing to this sentiment?

I am not saying terrorism is justified because of an unjust American foreign policy… terrorism is never justified… but as a national security concern, it is important to analyze what creates this Islam versus the World mentality. Certainly the situation in Iraq will be used to recruit new members to a jihadist movement…. a Muslim nation pushed into chaos over a war started for reasons that have since been proven false. But as American troops remain on the ground in Iraq, we must find ways to destabilize the imperialist perception many Muslims have of America.

Ending centuries old hostilities is not an easy task, but history has proven that military might has not brought us any closer to “mission accomplished”. Our military may be necessary in the global fight against religious extremists, but we are unlikely to be any more secure until America’s actions and public relations machine proves to Islamic nations that we are not out to exploit or to conquer.



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