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Superman, Democrats, Jesus, Gays & America-Haters June 29, 2006

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Does every news and entertainment event have to be put in the context of the “culture wars”? Reading newspapers, watching pundits on cable news and searching through blog postings has shown me that almost every cause, movement and political party has called the new Superman their own. I am extemely excited about Superman Returns and it has received good reviews, but everywhere I turn Superman is being called either a Democrat, gay, unpatriotic or Jesus-like. I personally am just going to enjoy the movie, but I will allow you all to decide who you believe:

Superman as Jesus – Fundamentalist Christian group Focus on the Family:

Superman returns to theatres this week and some think the Man of Steel is being cast in a decidedly spiritual light…

You might think it’s just the latest comic book on celluloid, but many Christians who see Superman Returns will leave thinking there was something familiar about the film because of quotes like this one, “They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I’ve sent them you, my only son.” Dr. Reg Grant is with Dallas Seminary.

“Now that just sounds like something right out of the Gospel of John. It sounds like God the Father saying that he’s going to send his son, Jesus, to the world to save the world.”

He says the movie could be a good witnessing tool courtesy of Hollywood.

“The director, Bryan Singer, just offers up on a silver platter a golden opportunity for us to use this as a gospel starter with our friends.”

Do you think this guy realizes that director Bryan Singer is openly gay? I find this unlikely, considering less than a month ago Focus on the Family’s Citizen Magazine had this to say about gay people:

At its core, the homosexual zeitgeist seeks to destroy God’s created intent for sexuality and the family while deconstructing the imago dei that humans bear—male and female—on the Earth.

Hmm… anyways… speaking of gay…

Superman as Gay – Los Angeles Times reporting:

In addition to being strikingly good-looking, [superheroes] often are portrayed as alienated outsiders, typically leading double lives. In the case of Superman, the beefcake character historically has struggled with romance, all the while running around in a skin-tight suit…

Defamer has posted a number of stories on how gay the “Superman Returns” posters and Topps trading cards make the character look, particularly in one trading card showing Superman literally coming out of a closet. “If Warner Bros. marketing partners like Topps aren’t even going to bother pretending, why should we?” Defamer asked. “Be proud, our fabulously caped little Queer-El.”

Not buying it…

Superman as Unpatriotic Wimp – Some lame-brain radio talk show host on MSNBC’s Scarborough Country [edited]:

JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST: You think it`s an attack on our values. You think that Superman is a super-wimp? Why?… you also take issue with the fact that they took away the line, “Truth, justice and the American way.” Talk about that…

DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well, they took it away, and yet the movie studio, Warner Brothers Pictures, is still selling posters that do say, “Truth, justice and the American way,” and feature the American flag. You don`t see any of that in the movie. They do mention truth and justice, but I guess it`s the neo-slacker superhero way, because that`s basically what Superman has become, and he`s been toned down in a lot of ways in terms of his masculinity. His muscles, a lot of them are gone. Even the Superman cape and uniform doesn`t have bright red anymore! It`s a muted burgundy tone that you`d probably see in “Men`s Vogue.”…

[Lois Lane’s even] won a Pulitzer Prize that is — for an article entitled “Why the World Doesn`t Need Superman.” It`s kind of like something you`d read in the “Daily Planet`s” real-life version of the “New York Times” about why Al Qaeda is great.

Superman as the Democratic Party – The Huffington Post:

In a world that has grown far more complex since his departure, Superman must somehow reclaim a place of preeminence against a lurking backdrop of ethical ambiguity and mounting cynicism. Subtract the cape and tights, insert some ponderous discussion of polling, and you couldn’t blame confused viewers for thinking they’d tuned into the latest diagnosis of the Democratic Party’s ills on C-Span…

As millions of movie-goers are sure to discover this week, Superman always saves the day. With voters rapidly tiring of the fierce political currents of anger and fear, Democrats can certainly do the same. But to do so they need to remember the optimistic, brave face they showed when – instead of asking “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” – they emulated the characteristics of the immigrant raised on that tiny farm outside of Smallville.

So apparently Superman is a cross between Boy George, Ted Kennedy, the Holy Spirit and Osama Bin Laden. I’ll let the pundits, journalists and bloggers debate which one is right… I’m just going to admire Brandon Routh in tights.


1. Tom Slocum - June 29, 2006

I also heard people calling him more European than American because he is more gentle and less aggressive. They were also complaining because they did not show the American flag enough in the movie (trying to reach an international audience). I agree though… people are looking for a deeper meaning that doesn’t exist.

2. Giorgia Palmas - December 2, 2006

Interessando, luogo abbastanza luminoso, penso +5

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