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Photos From the Warsaw Pride Parade June 21, 2006

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The European Union has taken notice. After being criticized for an increase in homophobia, xenophobia and racism in his country, Polish Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz rejected the EU's statements saying he "know[s] Poland a bit better than the European Union does."

But the reality on the ground is that violence and hatred has taken hold in many parts of Poland. As talked about in an earlier post, Polish gays and lesbians have been under attack from government officials and right-wing religious groups for some time. The League of Polish Families, whose youth group flashes Nazi salutes, has encouraged discrimination and hatred towards gays and lesbians. A government official went as far as saying gay people should be beat if they choose to protest the increased discrimination and intolerance.

Despite the increase in violence, the courageous LGBT community in Warsaw took to the streets during Pride a few weeks ago. A special thanks to Joseph Vogt in Warsaw for sending me these amazing photos from the parade. He emailed me about the parade and the photos:

…An incredibly brave Drag Queen… named Chicago Rose… lead the very controversial gay parade through the streets of Warsaw protected by 2000 policemen. Y'all should consider helping me acknowledge him to the glbt world. He is a Chicago man living in Berlin now. He deserves a big hooooorah, along with other European leaders who came to Poland to open the gates to acceptance of diversity. Americans need to know how good they have it, and people on this side of the world are still fighting for their human rights.

You wouldn't believe the crazy government here. Scary.

Here are Joseph's photos (and captions) from the Warsaw gay pride parade:

Lone policeman holds back angry skinheads as they make derogatory remarks to the German contingent behind him.

US born Drag Queen Chicago Rose resides in Berlin and lked the parade with American and Polish flags in her hair.

Skinhead being arrested.

Police are everywhere, prepared for the worst.

Girls just wanna have fun, and express their opinion freely.


1. Christine Burns - June 21, 2006

How can HRC ask for politicans to be courageous and stand for LGBT rights, when they are not willing to be courageous for LGBT rights abroad? I am disappointed by the lack of action on the growing intolerance in Poland.

2. Joe in Warsaw - June 22, 2006

You know Christine, the strangest thing is, living in Warsaw is almost like living in another big American city. Most under 30 Poles speak fluent English and are not culturally that different. They love America. This whole anti-game theme runninge here is just very, very strange coming from such an educated, intelligent, and generally tolerant nation. Pls read Doug Ireland’s collumn to understand all. http://direland.typepad.com/direland/2006/06/european_parlia.html

It is all nutz, nutz enough I am thinking of leaving Poland after 10 years. We really do need American gay groups turning some screws.

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