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Enough of Marriage, Let’s Talk Flag Burning June 8, 2006

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I was walking down 8th Avenue in Manhattan, only a block from Times Square and a few steps from my apartment. At that time I considered myself an American patriot… I believed in the ideals of America and felt my government had the power to lead the world towards a better future. But that was all about to change. It is perhaps the moment I made the step from my idealistic 20s-hood into the cynical and disgruntled 20-something I am today. What triggered this step towards a darker future was watching a long-haired, peace sign-wearing bohemian burn the American flag right in front of me.

The sight of the American flag on fire was too much. It was that instant I turned from a patriot into an America-hater. My love for President Bush ceased immediately, I questioned the founding fathers and wondered how a piece of paper signed in 1787 could really impact me that much. The smell of red, white and blue fabric burning was intoxicating. I began to get dizzy… Were American soldiers bad people? Are the 9/11 terrorists heroes? Will I ever be able to walk down to Battery Park and look at the Statue of Liberty the same way?

I have been terribly scarred by the flag desecration and I know hundreds of thousands of Americans have turned into U.S. haters just because of similar episodes. That is why I am incredibly grateful that the Senate's Republican leadership has decided to place Iraq and the economy on hold, and instead devote their full attention to an amendment to the U.S. constitution banning flag burning.

The conservative Senate leadership has failed to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment (and failed worse than most people thought they would), so they are going to again focus their efforts into pleasing the 5 percent of ultra-conservative Americans that will defame and attack them if they don't. Well senators, they love amendments… let's give it to 'em… how 'bout flag-a-burnin'?


The flag burning amendment is an appalling assault on American's freedom of expression and these senators know it. They are proposing a flag burning amendment, instead of less authoritative legislation, because no court would allow such an obvious violation of our constitutional right to speak and act as we please.

There is no purpose to this amendment. Here's why this 100 percent pure political pandering is a waste of time and could hurt our freedoms (the same freedoms Bush always raves about):

  • When is the last time you saw or heard about an American flag on fire in the United States? I haven't been able to find an example since the Vietnam war.
  • Protesters are idiots if they decide to burn an American flag, because the vast, vast majority of the American public would be revolted by the sight and would likely turn away from the protesters' cause.
  • People burning a flag in public will get arrested even without a flag desecration ban because there are virtually no public places where you can set things on fire.
  • Flag today, speech tomorrow. History has proven that if you give the government an inch, they take a mile. Americans cannot allow the government to infringe on their rights even if it is to ban something as disgusting as flag burning, because you never know what they will take away next. For example, if you allow the government to infringe on your constitutional rights with the USA Patriot Act, next thing you know the government may be buying your phone records. Hmm.

Once again, reach out to your senators and tell them to stop wasting taxpayers money and instead focus on real issues.



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