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Why is Congress Debating the Agenda of Crackpot Right-Wingers? June 4, 2006

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Today's Headlines:

Not the happiest of news days, but don't worry… we have Congress, "the people's representatives", to make everything better.

So with bombs exploding in Iraq, Iran developing nuclear weapons and terrorism lurking just across our northern border, the Senate has decided to debate… same-sex marriage.

At 2pm ET tomorrow the Senate will consider the "Marriage Protection Amendment," formally known by its less-politically charged name the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA). Conservative Republicans are once again interested in the FMA for the first time since the 2004 elections, not because it is important, but because their base is having a hernia.

Anti-gay king James Dobson doesn't believe nuclear weapons or global warming will bring the end of the world, gay marriage will:

"…as you all very well know, marriage is under vicious attack now, I think from the forces of hell itself. And it's either going to continue to decline, and as I told you in my office a few minutes ago, I believe with that destruction of marriage will come the decline of Western civilization itself….We're really in a crisis point, right now, right now…where the family is either going to survive or it's going to fall apart and it will happen in the next few years…."

Dobson is becoming about as prophetic as Pat Robertson, who predicts an earthquake will fall upon every LGBT pride event that graces this earth. Which brings me to a "what goes around comes around" moment:

Pat Robertson claims almost every disaster is an act of a vengeful god getting back at some evil or sin in the world. The 9/11 attacks were caused by "pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays, lesbians, the ACLU and the People for the American Way." In 1998 he predicted Disneyworld's Gay Days would bring hurricanes and possibly meteors to the region. He blamed Hurricane Katrina on an upcoming LGBT pride event in New Orleans. And most recently, he has predicted a tsunami could hit the Pacific Northwest this summer (although he hasn't decided whose fault it is yet).

So… what sin did Pat Robertson commit that forced god to crash his small learjet killing two people on Friday (Robertson was not on board)? Was Robertson at Gay Pride? Did he have an abortion? Was he not supposed to tell the world about the upcoming tsunami?

James Dobson and Pat Robertson are absolute crackpots and the Republican Congress will debate their agenda tomorrow while issues like immigration and terrorism get placed on the side.

Whether you support marriage equality or not, tell your senator to do his or her f-ing job.

UPDATE: John Aravosis at AMERICAblog has his take on the FMA and "activist judges." The SoundBite: "Bush says courts shouldn't be permitted to decide who can marry who. That's exactly what happened in Loving v. Virginia, and the public was NOT happy about it… Bush needs to tell us directly – if the courts aren't empowered to decide who can marry whom, then is the Loving v. VA decision wrong since an activist court overruled the will of the people?"



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