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“Iran today is not an imminent threat.” June 4, 2006

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On today's Meet the Press, former UN Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix told Tim Russert that "Iran today is not an imminent threat." He went further to say he is not completely convinced that Iran is even attempting to develop nuclear weapons.

Is it possible that Iran is only enriching uranium for energy purposes? Although I respect Blix for the most part, I think he is off base in questioning Iran's nuclear desires. In early 2003 Blix's "gut feeling" was that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, so I am not ready to leave Iran alone because of his current "gut feeling." Most believe Iran will fight to be a nuclear power.

That said, I think Blix made some excellent points when speaking with Tim Russert. He said any country with nuclear weapons poses a threat to world security, which includes the UK, China, Russia, France, India, Pakistan and the United States. Many argue that these countries can act as "world protectorates" by owning nuclear weapons, but I believe history has shown nuclear weapons' existence has caused more harm than good. Blix reiterated this theme throughout the interview, saying "the risk is that anyone" can use existing nuclear weapons. I will say that the U.S. nuclear arsenal does not pose a minute threat to world security when compared with nuclear weapons in the hands of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. But all nuclear weapons do pose a threat to great numbers of innocent people.

Blix also seems critical of the Bush administration's offer to participate in talks with Iran if they stop the enrichment of uranium. He says this offer is disingenuous because the purpose of talks with Iran is to encourage them to end its nuclear enrichment. Essentially, Condoleezza Rice and the administration are telling Iran it needs to agree to the goal of the talks before the United States takes a seat at them. This is less of a true diplomatic effort and more of a public relations move.

America needs to remain aggressive with Iran, but diplomatically. The U.S. continues to edge towards talks with Iran but is moving at an absolute snail's pace. It is America's pride that prevents us from talking with Iran and it is time to suck-it-up and talk. Our military is occupied… it would be an absolute disaster to put our government in a position where we have to strike Tehran. We need vigorous diplomacy now, and that diplomacy continues to be undermined because the most powerful nation in the world remains on the sidelines.



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