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Homegrown Terrorists Were Not Always Angry June 3, 2006

Posted by newsfittopost in politics, terrorism.

Canada has arrested 17 citizens and legal residents for planning a series of terrorist attacks throughout the nation. The alleged terrorists were housing three tons of ammonium nitrate and other components for explosives – three times the amount used in the Oklahoma City bombing. According to The Toronoto Star, the arrested men were planning to attack the Toronto headquarters of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service building (Canada's CIA equivalent) near the CN Tower, among other targets. The Star said some of the men arrested had been spotted taking notes outside CSIS headquarters and one had even been in the building's basement.

This is frightening news, but what makes it even more serious is that authorities believe it is a homegrown terrorist cell. These men were not radicalized by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan or Iraq (obviously, because al-Quaeda wansn't in Iraq <cough>). These men turned into terrorists after watching world leaders condemn their religion, support unjustified wars and allow law enforcement officials to engage in racial profiling. These men did not turn into potential killers because of the Taliban or jihad, it is because of unjust political policies.

If there are "homegrown terrorist cells" in relatively-peaceful Canada, you know they are here in preemptive war-loving America. We can secure the Mexican and Canadian boarders, inspect all shipping cargo and tap every phone line in this country, but the so-called "War on Terrorism" will never end by simply building up security. We need to change America's foreign policy.

Currently, our nation has hundreds of thousands of troops fighting in two Muslim nations while our President warns of "consequences" against a third, Iran. Two of these three were even labled part of an "Axis of Evil". While targeting these Muslim nations, President Bush has blurred the lines between church and state and preached to the nation about the virtues of Christianity in many of his most important speeches. Although this is never a justification for becoming part of a terrorist machine, it is important to understand how an alienated Muslim youth could feel under attack from his fellow American citizens.

Terrorism is scary… we all know the fear associated with the color's orange or red ever since the birth of Bush's brilliant terrorism alert system (sense sarcasm). But mixed with this fear is a sense of hope. We can end the "War on Terrorism" by repainting ourselves as the world's inspiration instead of the world's largest military.

Instead of attacking nations that pose little threat to American lives, we can spend a fraction of that money on building up peaceful Muslim nations that can become influential in the Muslim world. We can develop closer economic ties with Muslim nations and offer counseling services to American Muslims who are viewed with suspicion every time they leave their homes. The president can speak more about peace, love and tolerance instead of war and enemies.

Good people like you and me can walk down the wrong path when faced with discrimination and hate. Many of today's terrorists were once good people. The U.S. government should focus on keeping good people on our side.

UPDATE: Politique Canadienne has an interesting take on the Canadian terrorism arrests. The Soundbite: "Terror grows with outrage over the cold blooded murder of women and children in Iraq and elsewhere."


1. Pajamas Media - June 3, 2006

Toronto Terrorist Ring Smashed: Possessed 3 Tons of Explosives…

BARCEPUNDIT is tracking this fast breaking story with: A MAJOR TERRORIST PLOT has been thwarted in Canada: police have arrested 17 people all over the country in a big anti-terrorist operation. The Toronto Globe and Mail says the planned blasts……

2. Paul - June 3, 2006

Yes, they were loving people, wonderful citizens, until the bad old Amerikka turned them into haters. This may be the single most foolish thing written since 9/11.

Newsfittopost Response: These people are dead-set on attacking America. There are obviously many reasons for this, but I truly believe our foreign policy is the greatest single factor. You can believe Bush and claim they are attacking America "because they hate freedom," but that is oversimplified bullsh*t. These people are not attacking America because we have the freedom to vote for our favorite American Idol and because women have jobs. I again emphasize: a constant build-up of our military and security will NOT end the "War on Terror". We need a comprehensive strategy that includes smart foreign policy.

3. anon - June 3, 2006

Of course, the fact that Islam only realizes Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb–the House of Submission and the House of War–has nothing to do with it.

It’s tiem for you to realize that Islam is an inherently bloody religion, and their stillborn God knows no mercy.

4. Assistant Village Idiot - June 3, 2006

You are projecting why you are upset at Bush onto them. This prevents you from seeing them as they are.

This in turn prevents you from seeing our foreign policy as it is, and round in a circle of continual misunderstanding.

They’re not you. They’re not reasonable. There is no reasonable foreign policy the US or Canada could pursue which would cause them to halt. The evidence for this is the terrorism in Lebanon, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, etc.

5. Tim D. - June 3, 2006

I agree. Although I think taking out the Taliban was justifiable, I believe we only gain terrorists when we attack countries like Iraq. The standard of living was higher in Iraq before the war that was “accomplished” 3 years ago. Which regime are you going to like more?

6. Assistant Village Idiot - June 4, 2006

Tim D. If the SOL is your measuring stick, you lose. It’s higher now. The old numbers were Saddam-supplied, remember, and fluffed out to look higher than they actually were.

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