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Don’t Get Divorced… Your Children Will Be Promiscous June 1, 2006

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Because so many people opposed to same-sex marriage cannot think of a reason to ban it without citing a Bible quote, Focus on the Family what their justifications are. In the June edition of Citizen Magazine, Focus's Tom Hess tells people how to respond to the usual arguments by those crazy gays wanting to get hitched.

When the gays throw this one at you:

It’s hypocritical for the far right to talk about the importance of “family values” and withhold benefits and legal protection from loving, committed gay couples. Heterosexuals themselves ruined the “sanctity” of marriage with their high divorce rates.

You spit back at them (possibly verbatim):

History tells us that altering God’s plan for marriage and families, such as the legalization of no-fault divorce 40 years ago, can lead to ruined lives. Research shows that children from divorced households engage in greater drug abuse, promiscuity and academic failure. Children fare much better when they have a mother and a father at home. Same-sex marriages would intentionally create families in which children would have two mothers and no father, or two fathers and no mother.

So the reason loving same-sex couples cannot get married is because divorced families have forced their children into lives of drug abuse, promiscuity and academic failure? Let's make the assumption that the "research" is not biased and is accurate (which is a huge assumption… did you notice they didn't cite the "research"?), there are still obvious and fatal flaws about this argument.

  1. Assuming (and this is a big assumption knowing Focus) the "research" behind this is correct, it is entirely possible that these children allegedly act out because of the difficulties of divorce, not because they only have a mother or a father. This is more than likely considering many children of divorced homes still have both a mother and father close by.
  2. Making the previous big assumption again, just because children without a mother or father get into trouble does not mean they need two parents of the opposite sex. Single parents often times work overtime and work late, presenting kids with the opportunity to do drugs or act promiscous. With a mom and a mom or a dad and a dad, kids are less likely to have this opportunity and would probably make up for these (more than likely) faulty statistics.
  3. The last and most obvious problem with Focus's "regurgitate this at others" response is that same-sex couples already have children. They have them! They are not going away whether marriage is legal or not! Therefore, banning marriage equality does not prevent same-sex parenthood… it just makes it more difficult for children to live a financially stable life.

Each one of the arguments in the Citizen Magazine article could easily be torn apart. The simple-mindedness of their hate-inspried arguments never ceases to amaze me. Then again, a lot of people buy into their bullshit.

I claim their responses are ridiculous and easily argued against, and I might just take the time to do it…



1. Orson - June 4, 2006

Laugh as you will, but I am one libertarian minded (ie, live-andlet live regarding human sexual choices), life-long yet never-married atheist who finds the proverbial sho on the other foot!

Your claim of the obviousenss of rewarding and encouraging more psycho-social disorder in a society thogh by-passing the de-structuring of pro-creative institution of marriage fails the laugh test because it makes no empirical sense. Love needs no license or contract, which is what marriage is. Marriage does, because 85% of all women will have children; we have this socio-political order to benefit childrens' interests – not merely for the convenience of "adults."

No society has ever survived without it. And suddenly, we, with our puny little egotisms, suddenly "know best" for our posterity?

NewsFitToPost Response: I don't entirely disagree with you. Marriage offers much needed benefits for couples with children. But the reality is that same-sex couples already have children, and in higher rates than you might think. According to the 2000 U.S. census, 46 percent of heterosexual couples have children. This is not that high of a number because 34 percent of lesbian couples and 22 percent of gay male couples have children. This is fact. By not granting same-sex families the rights afforded heterosexual families, you are harming children more than any adult. Marital benefits are provided to protect families, and the percentage of gay and lesbian families with children is quite significant when compared to heterosexuals. Gay marriage is about families, but right-wing rhetoric and a lack of courage from liberals leaves half of Americans without realizing it. As for marriage benefits being unfair to single people like yourself… you may be right. I'd truly be interested in arguments for that.

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