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NewsFlash: The Gays Want Equality May 31, 2006

Posted by newsfittopost in anti-gay activists, lgbt Issues.

Most anti-gay activists use ludicrous arguments about "special rights" when encouraging voters to vote against discrimination and hate crime protections. They say gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people already have equal rights and do not need laws protecting them from employers who can fire them at will because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. As ridiculous as their argument is – no heterosexual can be fired for screwing the opposite sex – the intentions behind the argument have rarely been clearer. Baptist Message editor Kelly Boggs explains it in a recent WorldNetDaily article:

Homosexuals are represented in every strata of society. If their goal was simply toleration, it has been achieved. However, toleration for homosexuality was never the end for activists; it was only a stepping stone. Their real goal is equality.

Anti-gay activists claim to want equality, not equality-plus, for LGBT people. But here is another example of their real intentions: legally indoctrinated second-class citizenship for gays and lesbians. They are angry over tolerance, infuriated over acceptance, and are holding on to the hope that true equality will never be acheived.

The other striking part of Boggs' column is that he believes he is revealing a hidden secret about the LGBT movement. He screams at his ignorant, God-distorting, fellow activists: "Listen to me… they are aiming for equality!" He acts as if he has uncovered the centerpiece of the hidden homosexual agenda (of which I have never received a copy).

Well… now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag – that gays want equality – I believe we can announce to the public two unknown facts about the movement. Remember, you heard it here first:

  • We have organizations with the word 'equality' in the name: To name a hidden few… Georgia Equality, Equality California, Equality Federation, South Carolina Equality Coalition, Equality Illinois, National Center for Transgender Equality… whew, that's enough for now.
  • Many of our organizations' mission statements mention the dirty word 'equality'.

Opponents of equality for gays and lesbians often carefully deny claims that they are preventing true equality for a group of human beings. Luckily, idiots like Boggs skip the public relations crap and get right to their point: LGBT people do not deserve the same rights, priveleges and protections that other Americans are able to enjoy.



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