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Leaving Sudan, China & Iran to Join France, Germany & Peru May 25, 2006

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It is pretty well known that the top anti-gay organization in the world, Focus on the Family, has a bigger budget than the top five LGBT organizations combined. I have always wondered what extravagances come with having a $136 million dollar budget, and today I finally figured it out… you get a representative to the United Nations.

Focus on the Family Action's representative to the U.N. Thomas Jacobson says:

..homosexuality is not a legitimate foundation for human rights–sexual orientation is not comparable with ethnic origin or race… In fact, one of the greatest threats today to true human rights–to freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the preservation of marriage and family–comes from homosexual-rights agendas.

This typical "we as Christians are marginalized" speech comes after the Bush administration finally reversed its position and voted for the U.N. to recognize two international LGBT groups.

The FoF "U.N. representative" continues:

We commend the countries that successfully opposed the homosexual-rights groups. But we are disappointed that the Bush administration, after opposing such groups seeking NGO status for five years, changed its position.

Here is a list of countries Focus on the Family "commends" for opposing the recognition of gay and lesbian civil rights groups: Cameroon, China, Iran, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Russia, Senegal, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Here is a list of countries the United States joined in approving recognition of the organizations: Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Peru and Romania.

I feel like it is relatively easy to figure out why the United States finally joined "the other" group.

I probably won't be doing this often, but I must congratulate and thank the Bush administration for reversing his Dark Ages policy. It should have been a no-brainer decision, but I am sure it was difficult with his crazed anti-gay base biting at his heels.

Thank you Bush, but countries like Iran, Pakistan, Sudan and China were able to block approval of the LGBT organizations. It is a shame that countries with such poor civil and human rights records are able to vote against the inclusion of civil rights groups in the first place, but at least the U.S. made a step in the right direction.


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