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O’Reilly’s Fight Against Cannibal Propaganda May 23, 2006

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The “No Spin Zone” has forgotten to pump Bill O’Reilly’s head with basic facts once again.

The O’Reilly Factor followed up on a previous story where Bill-o moaned and groaned over a California bill that would require public schools to include gay and lesbian achievements in its curriculum. He seems to believe students’ religious liberties are prohibited if they are not able to condemn and preach against gays while in the classroom.

Talking about the legislation, crazed conservative columnist Michelle Malkin claims the bill insists all gay historical character be shown in a positive light (which is not what the bill says). Luckily, we have O’Reilly to wade through her bullshit, avoid sensationalism and go straight to the heart of the issue:

What, are you not going to be able to say bad things about Jeffrey Dahmer? He’s a cannibal, a gay cannibal, and you can’t say that’s wrong?

Or not. Apparently he would rather dive into the bullshit and splash around for awhile.

So Bill, should I worry about the California legislature actually passing this legislation which pushes cannibal propaganda on defenseless schoolchildren?

O’REILLY (05.08.06): The Senate’s going to pass it, I don’t know about the House.

What about now, Bill?

O’REILLY (05.22.06): I think it’ll pass the assembly, I don’t know about the Senate.

Thanks for clearing that one up.

Oh Billy… just a heads up… the California Senate passed the bill on May 11, so I think it would be safe to change your May 22 Senate prediction from an “I don’t know” to “it happened 11 days ago.”

You’re welcome.



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