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NewsFlash: The Gays Want Equality May 31, 2006

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Most anti-gay activists use ludicrous arguments about "special rights" when encouraging voters to vote against discrimination and hate crime protections. They say gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people already have equal rights and do not need laws protecting them from employers who can fire them at will because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. As ridiculous as their argument is – no heterosexual can be fired for screwing the opposite sex – the intentions behind the argument have rarely been clearer. Baptist Message editor Kelly Boggs explains it in a recent WorldNetDaily article:

Homosexuals are represented in every strata of society. If their goal was simply toleration, it has been achieved. However, toleration for homosexuality was never the end for activists; it was only a stepping stone. Their real goal is equality.

Anti-gay activists claim to want equality, not equality-plus, for LGBT people. But here is another example of their real intentions: legally indoctrinated second-class citizenship for gays and lesbians. They are angry over tolerance, infuriated over acceptance, and are holding on to the hope that true equality will never be acheived.

The other striking part of Boggs' column is that he believes he is revealing a hidden secret about the LGBT movement. He screams at his ignorant, God-distorting, fellow activists: "Listen to me… they are aiming for equality!" He acts as if he has uncovered the centerpiece of the hidden homosexual agenda (of which I have never received a copy).

Well… now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag – that gays want equality – I believe we can announce to the public two unknown facts about the movement. Remember, you heard it here first:

  • We have organizations with the word 'equality' in the name: To name a hidden few… Georgia Equality, Equality California, Equality Federation, South Carolina Equality Coalition, Equality Illinois, National Center for Transgender Equality… whew, that's enough for now.
  • Many of our organizations' mission statements mention the dirty word 'equality'.

Opponents of equality for gays and lesbians often carefully deny claims that they are preventing true equality for a group of human beings. Luckily, idiots like Boggs skip the public relations crap and get right to their point: LGBT people do not deserve the same rights, priveleges and protections that other Americans are able to enjoy.


Schwarzenegger Threatening LGBT-Inclusive Ed. Veto May 25, 2006

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Hollywood's… err… California's governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is threatening a veto of the state's LGBT-inclusive education bill. The legislation would add sexual orientation and gender identity to a list of groups that must be included in California textbooks.

Send Gov. Schwarzenegger an email here I believe he is persuadable. Also visit Equality California's Web site for more information about the bill.

Leaving Sudan, China & Iran to Join France, Germany & Peru May 25, 2006

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It is pretty well known that the top anti-gay organization in the world, Focus on the Family, has a bigger budget than the top five LGBT organizations combined. I have always wondered what extravagances come with having a $136 million dollar budget, and today I finally figured it out… you get a representative to the United Nations.

Focus on the Family Action's representative to the U.N. Thomas Jacobson says:

..homosexuality is not a legitimate foundation for human rights–sexual orientation is not comparable with ethnic origin or race… In fact, one of the greatest threats today to true human rights–to freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the preservation of marriage and family–comes from homosexual-rights agendas.

This typical "we as Christians are marginalized" speech comes after the Bush administration finally reversed its position and voted for the U.N. to recognize two international LGBT groups.

The FoF "U.N. representative" continues:

We commend the countries that successfully opposed the homosexual-rights groups. But we are disappointed that the Bush administration, after opposing such groups seeking NGO status for five years, changed its position.

Here is a list of countries Focus on the Family "commends" for opposing the recognition of gay and lesbian civil rights groups: Cameroon, China, Iran, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Russia, Senegal, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Here is a list of countries the United States joined in approving recognition of the organizations: Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Peru and Romania.

I feel like it is relatively easy to figure out why the United States finally joined "the other" group.

I probably won't be doing this often, but I must congratulate and thank the Bush administration for reversing his Dark Ages policy. It should have been a no-brainer decision, but I am sure it was difficult with his crazed anti-gay base biting at his heels.

Thank you Bush, but countries like Iran, Pakistan, Sudan and China were able to block approval of the LGBT organizations. It is a shame that countries with such poor civil and human rights records are able to vote against the inclusion of civil rights groups in the first place, but at least the U.S. made a step in the right direction.

No Gay Boy Scouts May 24, 2006

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The very Christian and very heterosexual Boy Scouts of America have just elected a new leader to continue their discriminatory policies against gay boys and men.

In an interview in USA Today, lifelong Scout Rick Cronk is asked what happens when a young Boy Scout things he may be interested in other young Boy Scouts:

That’s a situation that I don’t know has ever happened… These are kids that are 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. As you get older, maybe (you start thinking about these things), but we’re talking about an event that may not have ever happened.

An 11-year-old is in middle school. According to GLSEN, there are over three thousand gay-straight alliances in schools nationwide, many of them in middle schools. Young children are not ignorant to gay and lesbian issues and many come out during their middle school years. Cronk cannot try and tell educated readers that they have never faced dealing with a Boy Scout who thought he was gay. That is simply absurd.

Later in the interview, Cronk is asked whether he believes courts will force the organization to abide by non-discrimination laws. Just the answer you want to hear:

I hope not. They shouldn’t… I don’t mean to be arrogant about it, but (they) are not going to change a program that is 100 years old.

I hate to be the first to tell Mr. Cronk this, but public schools discriminated against African Americans and other people of color for well over 100 years, yet the courts finally came around to changing it. Laws prohibited women from the right to choose what to do with their own body for over 100 years, but the courts finally had the sense to change it.

At the risk of sounding arrogant Mr. Cronk: The majority of courts will eventually make the Boy Scouts follow laws banning discrimination, and I don't believe it will take close to 100 years. But I won't stop you from keeping your fingers crossed.

O’Reilly’s Fight Against Cannibal Propaganda May 23, 2006

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The “No Spin Zone” has forgotten to pump Bill O’Reilly’s head with basic facts once again.

The O’Reilly Factor followed up on a previous story where Bill-o moaned and groaned over a California bill that would require public schools to include gay and lesbian achievements in its curriculum. He seems to believe students’ religious liberties are prohibited if they are not able to condemn and preach against gays while in the classroom.

Talking about the legislation, crazed conservative columnist Michelle Malkin claims the bill insists all gay historical character be shown in a positive light (which is not what the bill says). Luckily, we have O’Reilly to wade through her bullshit, avoid sensationalism and go straight to the heart of the issue:

What, are you not going to be able to say bad things about Jeffrey Dahmer? He’s a cannibal, a gay cannibal, and you can’t say that’s wrong?

Or not. Apparently he would rather dive into the bullshit and splash around for awhile.

So Bill, should I worry about the California legislature actually passing this legislation which pushes cannibal propaganda on defenseless schoolchildren?

O’REILLY (05.08.06): The Senate’s going to pass it, I don’t know about the House.

What about now, Bill?

O’REILLY (05.22.06): I think it’ll pass the assembly, I don’t know about the Senate.

Thanks for clearing that one up.

Oh Billy… just a heads up… the California Senate passed the bill on May 11, so I think it would be safe to change your May 22 Senate prediction from an “I don’t know” to “it happened 11 days ago.”

You’re welcome.